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My Favorite Travel Instagram Accounts

Travel photos may just be some of my favorite photos to look at, especially when it’s some far off place with delicious looking food. I am fascinated with all of the exotic locations and destinations that bloggers and vloggers visit. There is something so magical about exploring a new city or country and documenting all… Continue reading My Favorite Travel Instagram Accounts

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Tips to Traveling on a College Budget

I wanna travel the world, and who doesn’t but it’s kind of hard when you have a limited budget, and let’s be real a very slim (crack open that pink piggy bank your grandma gave you when you were five) budget. I was lucky enough to have the funds to plan one vacation/excursion trip this summer; this including… Continue reading Tips to Traveling on a College Budget

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Post-College Apartment || Arhaus Inspiration

No such things as over planning right, I mean I need to be prepared, so today I am sharing my future apartment inspiration on the blog. I might be moving into my first apartment after college (just two more years, till I’ll have my own little loft in the middle of the city). This upcoming… Continue reading Post-College Apartment || Arhaus Inspiration