Singles Guide to Valentine’s Day

Valentines021316 (3)_Edit.jpgWho needs a boyfriend when you are able to spend Valentine’s Day when you have your roommate and best friends. I got lucky when it came to my college roommate, not only do I get the opportunity to share closets and get to sleep next to this girl. I get to talk about boys, order Chinese on the weekend and drink a bottle of wine while venting and watching Netflix movies and this weekend sounds like it might be similar.

Sometimes it’s okay to spend some quality time with the people who care about you the most. Here is a singles guide to Valentine’s Day.
1. Call/Text a friend to come over binge watch Netflix movies
2. Order in your favorite food, that heart shaped pizza, that Chinese food anything that will make you feel good
3.Eat lots of chocolate, that your love that doesn’t know you exists would have bought you.
4.Go on a romantic dinner date for two with your mom since all your friends have boyfriends, sorry dad.
5.Wait till after Valentine’s Day to hit up the local Target or grocery store and buy up as much clearance candy as you can
6.Don’t listen to the love song station on Pandora
7.Sell all your jewelry your ex’s have given you over the past years of dating on apps such as Poshmark or Mercari and spend that money on something you really want.
8.Go to the mall and buy yourself something nice for the money you would have spent on a present for him
9.Next year I’m pre-ordering sweets to be delivered to my dorm such as macaroons from Dana Bakery or cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcakes and get them delivered as from your secret admirer
10.Buying a heart shape donut and iced coffee with heart sprinkles from Dunkin or Starbucks because everyone loves a little coffee.
 This Valentine’s Day I was surprised with the best gift, and I couldn’t have been happier. Nothing says happy Valentine’s day like a giant stuffed monkey, Hershey Kisses, Essie nail polish, a lovely life size card from the best roomie ever.

Valentines021316 (2)Valentines021316 (1)

 Later tonight my roommate and I have already set aside time to watch our favorite Disney movies while digging in on heart shaped pizzas and cookie cake. After a long week of practice sometimes it’s good to have a stress reliever and this is just what the two of us need.
Spreading Sparkle and Sprinkles

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