Spring Fever

This past weekend, temperatures on campus reached the high 60’s and I couldn’t help but to throw the parkas and fleece knit leggings back into the deep part of my dorm closet and pray I never have to pull them back out this semester. Throwing on the sandals, slap on the sunscreen, turn up the sweet sound of country music and slip on a great pair of shades. Skip spring and take me straight to long hot days of summer with even longer, homework-free nights!

With all this spring in the air experiment, I’m starting to bring out the pastels, the gingham (not that it went anywhere) and my spring and summer dresses. With the idea of spring, my motivation for school slips away with the breeze. Thank goodness for spring break next week, not so good for my shopping action but oh well.

Spring is on my mind meaning new store lines and those emails, have me drifting from my online homework to online shopping. Looking doesn’t hurt right. Below is a few of my favorite I found and I might be adding to my closet. The items are tagged in the description below.


Spring Fever
Day at the Beach Shirt | Popsicle Wallet | Sunglasses | Clutch | Scallop Shorts | Pineapple Beach Towel | Tanning Oil | Miller Sandals


Spring fever always means additions to the closet and new clothes, I’ll keep y’all posted on my future buys and what I will be listening to this summer. While I create my annual summer bucket list. Comment what you have had your eye on, and what makes you excited for spring; would love to hear what y’all are excited about.

Spreading Sparkle and Sprinkle





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