Spring Break Tips

Aloha prepsters, while this college girl wishes she was lounging on the beach getting a tan sipping a fruity drink reading a classic romance novel. Instead, I am spending my spring break still on campus soaking up the cold Pittsburgh weather which seems to have hit a warm patch reaching to the mid 70’s.

Many of you are about to be boarding spring break flights soon, which means warm weather and crazy adventures and memories. I have a few tips and tricks for surviving a week in paradise without regretting it.


  1. There is no such thing as packing too many bikinis: on several of my trips I have always under estimated the number of suites to bring and awkwardly end up wearing the same couples of bathing suites all week long.
  2. When packing your clothes fold them inside out, fancy dinner outfits and cute dresses. I do this to make sure I don’t get them dirty or thing spills on them because you never know.
  3. If you are planning on checking your bag include something that will stand out so you know which one is your when it comes around the carousel. I always include a huge bight bow, or a bright colored bag to stand out from the normal black.
  4. Too many times have I checked my bag and my shampoos and lotions have exploded all over the place, even ruining some of my clothes. To prevent this from happening I take a piece of plastic wrap and cover the opening of the bottle with the lid off and then put the lid back on.
  5. Pack a few zip-lock baggies that will fit your phone. I do this to make sure my phone is safe from any unwanted splash zone drama when I’m not attending to it. I know I’m safe when I throw my phone into my beach bag from any harm.
  6. No such thing as too much sunscreen, even though we all want that spring break tan it’s better to be safe than sorry. For me to achieve the best tan is to apply as much sunscreen at the beginning of the week to try not to burn and as the week goes on I reduce the amount to almost nothing. I always try to do this the other way end up burning like a lobster after only day one and stay red for the entire week. Trust me with sunscreen it is still obtainable to achieve that gold glow tan with sunscreen on.
  7. Don’t post every waking moment on your Instagram and Twitter, you are only on vacation for a short period of time. Take lots of pictures but don’t stay on your phone forever.IMG_8430

Hope you have a safe and fun spring break, I would love to know where you’re headed and what you plan on doing. Can’t wait to hear from y’all soon. Stay classy

Spreading Sparkle and Sprinkle



p.s. all photos were taken by me in Maui, Hawaii


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