Talk Derby to Me

It’s becoming that time of the year, as spring approaches us; my mind races to hot summer days and those wild summer nights. I got one thing on my mind and it’s wishing I was going to the Derby. I may not be able to get there but doesn’t mean I can’t bring the southern derby style to the northern part of the states.

My Pinterest  board is getting covered in bright colored Lilly dresses, pastel sportcoats and, of course, the big sunhats with monograms and bows. Never forget the Jack Roger’s or the cute sandal wedges. I might not be able to go to the Kentucky Derby but I know the next best thing, that every preppy college student tries to go to. A popular southern college tradition seems to be going one of the biggest parties for horse racing located in Camden, South Carolina.

Carolina Cup


The Carolina Cup is a steeplechase event held in Camden, Southern Carolina every spring. Started in 1932, this gala has come to be the most southern-infused gathering to take place each year.

Unlike most horse races, the Carolina Cup draws college students from every state below the Mason-Dixon line, who doesn’t love pastels and sun hats to enjoy this day-long event.

What I love most about this soiree? The apparel. Traditionally, men wear everything that is seersucker and Vineyard Vines, while ladies adorn Lilly dresses and sun hats.

A few things that are always found is bowties and matching boyfriends to go along with cute Lilly dresses. Along with painted Yeti coolers and groups of fraternities and sororities from schools across the south.

I absolutely adore this young, Southern tradition, and eagerly anticipate the photos soon to appear on my Facebook newsfeed of friends lucky enough to attend the event Saturday, April 2. I can’t wait to attend (hopefully) the 2017 Carolina Cup!

Spreading Sprinkles and Sparkles





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