Getting My Beach Body Ready

Four weeks of school are left, and all I can think about are Pinterest cures for sunburns and innovative beach accessorize to monogram.  (If you have any ideas, do feel free to shoot them my way!)

In that vein, before I can think about cute seersucker shorts and bikinis I have been working my hardest to get in shape, to be beach ready.

Before we know if summer will be at our doorstep, and I’ll be forced to shed these leggings and hoodies for good, why not start now, in preparation for the best summer ever!


10 Steps to How I’m Obtaining a Beach Bod

1.Nike Training Club App

Being a college student is not always easy and I don’t always have time to go do cardio at the gym on campus, this app was a great solution for quick workouts in my dorm room. I found this app Nike Training and downloaded onto my phone, giving me little workouts to tone or just burn calories with all the exercises written out for certain amounts of time to obtain the best workout, in a little amount of time. If you do not know how to do the exercise they even show tutorials if you need help.


2.Abs and Arm Workouts

These seem to be my biggest problem areas, I want a flat stomach and lean arms. For these I googled and pinned many posts that focus strictly on toning these areas. Doing little exercise everyday will eventually tone and slim them down. Trying to be as skinny as possible for when it comes to wearing cropped shirts and tank tops where people will be seeing my arms and body.



3.Eating Clean

You can workout as much as you want, but unless you change your eating patterns you never going to obtain the body you want. In my case, I don’t just want to lose weight but I want to be toned, and I’m not going to get that Pinterest perfect body by continuing to order cheesy bread, eating pizza and consuming a lot of calories especially bad ones that contain a lot of sugar and artificial preservatives. Cutting down bad carbs and focusing on the natural, getting lots of fruits and veggies then I want a snack instead of chips or chocolate.



4.Small Workouts

What I didn’t always realize was small workouts are better than no workouts, most days I have been jam packed leaving little to no room for working out. So when I only have a few times in the day, I thought that it would be a waste of my time. But even small workouts burn calories that could lead to losing weight. Small workouts could include taking the stairs instead of the elevator, taking the longer way to class to get in a few more steps. Those 5 to 10-minute ab workouts before you take a shower at night. Parking your car a little further when you go to the store.


5.New Workout Clothes

A huge motivator for me is that when I am wearing workout clothes I want to workout. I recently purchased up a pair of Lululemon workout shorts and absolutely love them. Having new workout clothes makes me feel good but also makes me want to workout and feel even better when I’m done. While these shorts were on the pricey side they were totally worth every penny, and I might be buying a second pair in the near future.




I have been using Pinterest as my inspiration but also old photos of my body from last summer in the back of my mind all the time. It’s hard to eat a bag of chips knowing that I’m just taking steps backwards toward my goal. Inspirational boards keep me focused and remind me that they are obtainable if hard work is put into them.


7.Motivate Others to Join You

It is always more fun with friends, I have recently convinced my roommate to come with me when I go for jogs around campus or when I go to the gym, we can talk and workout at the same time and we actually get to bond and hang out. When I have a workout buddy it never seems as bad as when you’re doing it alone. Convince your roommate to join you or someone in your hall.



8.Trying On Summer Clothes

The worst feelings are when it finally gets warm enough to wear your favorite pair of shorts, and you go to put them on and they do not fit anymore due to the weight you gained from the long cold winter. Try them on now to save yourself later. If they do not fit then you know where to start, for me I want to lose even less. Motivating myself with new summer clothes, I tried on the size I want to buy at the store the other day and was sad when they didn’t fit. Let that motivate your fire to workout, instead of sulking with a box of Girl Scout cookies.


9.Workout Money Jar

Treat yourself and reward yourself for workout out. My roommate has been doing this, and she gets really excited to see progress but the rewards at the finish line. After every workout, she puts an amount of money into a jar that she is saving. Depending on how long the workout is, depends on how much she puts away. You can either reward yourself after a certain amount of day like the first day of summer with a few outfit you earned with the money or after you lost a certain amount of weight or obtained your goal. This is a great way to motivate yourself that isn’t food.


10.Summer Closet Wish List

Just like trying your old clothes on, this is for those who want to size down. Do not buy new summer clothes until you fit into the size you want. And working to obtain that goal of fitting into them instead of a specific weight. These goals are obtainable and great. A tip though is to wait to buy them until you fit into them or you might lose motivation once you buy them and never are able to wear the new summer clothes.

Hope these tips help, in losing a few extra lbs before summer starts! I know I have been working really hard in kicking myself in shape before it’s beach season. You’ll be thanking yourself later when everyone is complimenting your hot bod.

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