Summer Bucket List

As the days to summer approach, I can’t stop thinking about the adventures I want to accomplish this summer. The idea of driving with the top down on my Jeep, driving downtown and walking around on the lake front, the books I will be able to read and the bonfires I will attend. While imaging the amount of iced coffees I will be drinking and sprinkled ice cream cones, I will be eating along with all the shopping I plan to do.

Every summer I find myself losing motivation to what I am trying to accomplish, I waste days staying inside watching Netflix or laying in bed until noon on my days off of work. I am determined to change that. I want to create a realistic list of goals to keep motivated, even after a long day of work to get the maximum summer daylight hours out of my summer of 2016.

  1. Get a Really Good Tan From Being Outside
  2. Go to My Best Friend’s Lacrosse Games
  3. Redecorate my Bedroom
  4. Buy lots of Essie Nail Polish
  5. Go Downtown To the Art Fairs
  6. Eat Healthier
  7. Learn How to Make Macaroons
  8. Visit Chicago & Go Shopping Downtown at Vineyard Vines
  9. Smile and Meet At Least One New Person
  10. Go Through My Closet and Sell All My Old Clothes On Mercari or Poshmark
  11. Take the Top and Doors off The Jeep
  12. Get A Pedicure with My Mommy
  13. Go To Some Major League Baseball Games
  14. Get A Photoshoot Taken – For a Future OOTD Post
  15. Take a Road Trip to See My Teammates–Until I Realize Road Trips are Way Too Long and I Hate Driving. End up Searching For the Next Flight Out to Whichever Teammate is Closest to a Beach.
  16. Stay Out Way too Late
  17. See Fireworks
  18. Visit Another State
  19. Buying a New Outfit from Lilly Pulitzer
  20. Get a Henna Tattoo
  21. Go Up North: Try and Golf at the Country Club, or Just Drive the Golf Cart
  22. Go to as Many of My Siblings Baseball and Softball Games
  23. Read a Book … or Two
  24. Buy a New Pair of Sunglasses & Try Not To Lose When in the Lake
  25. Bake Cake Pops and Cupcakes & Sell Them at the Farmers Market
  26. Buy a Venti Starbucks Iced Coffee When I Need a Pick Me Up
  27. Say Yes More Instead of Staying at Home
  28. Go to the Lake on the Weekends
  29. Get All My Hair Cut Off! Kinda Nervous about this idea but I think it will be worth in the end to get a more sophisticated hairstyle. Anyways my favorite blogger Amy did so I thought, why not.
  30. Get my Hair as Blonde As Possible, I am Currently Using Sun In and it seems to be working pretty well.
  31. Post More Often on Twitter, Instagram, and Blog Posts.
  32. Grow The Brand.
  33. Go To New Restaurants and Coffee Shops
  34. Spend a Ton of Time With My Best Friend
  35. Create A YouTube Account?

Summer is the land of possibilities, and with a little less than two weeks until I’m home bound. I’m so excited to see what memories will be made and what times we will have. The calories that will be consumed and hopefully burned off, with all the sweating that will be done. If you have any bucket list ideas I didn’t include please share in the comments, because I’m trying to make this the best summer ever!

Summer nights, everybody’s feeling sexy
Holler if you’re ready for some summer nights
A-come on, oh yeah, yeah

Spreading Sprinkles and Sparkles,




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