10 Preppy Bloggers You Should Be Following

When it comes to the sea of bloggers, there are so many out there; some better than others. Some who are genuine at heart are here to lend a helping hand and a word of advice. Some will help you score big at upcoming After Party Lilly Sale while others will show you how to put together the perfect outfit for the sorority formal or put together the perfect dorm room. All these ladies bring a different perspective to the table to make us all into a preppy more American version of ourselves.

This list is crafted by my own personal opinions and in no particular order

  1. Prep Avenue – Is written by Shannon, known for her flairs of good advice for preppy girls in high school and college. She always has the perfect posts on what should be brought along in your carry-on bag or what not to wear on the plan. To see all the amazing trips and study abroad semesters she has taken. Shannon is also known for her over the top perfect preppy dorm room found on Pinterest.
  2. Amy Believes in Pink – Is the power of pink that every girl should believe in by Audrey Hepburn. Amy has been a true friend in helping me get my blog off the ground and helping me pick out the perfect décor for my freshman college dorm room. Her blogs range from dorm room décor to how to wear a tassel scarf, where to purchase the perfect pair of sunglasses and advice on starting a blog. She’s an awesome resource and just loves the pink. P.S. congrats on becoming a Pinktern at Lilly this summer.
  3. A Lone Star State of Southern – Kate is filled with southern Texas charm and I enjoy reading all her coffee dates and learning how to curl my hair in her YouTube videos. She knows exactly what in and how to score the best deals at Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale. She’s such an inspiration to my closet and wardrobe.
  4. Classy Girls Wear Pearls– Sarah Vickers and KJP do I have to say more, are the prime time definition of what preppy America stands for, not only are they adorable together but they live the American Dream every day when they go to work at their own factory and drive around vintage classic cars in the gorgeous state of Rhode Island.
  5. The College Prepster – If you’re going to mention Sarah you can’t forget about Carley who makes a living off of blogging alone. Starting her blog in college she continues on to share fashion and tips and tricks to everyday life that became a huge success. Just the other day I was re-watching YouTube videos of her and how far she has come, makes my goals and dreams a vivid realization that hard work does pay off.
  6. Southern Curls & Pears – Known for her stylish outfits and amazing Instagram photos, Caitlin is an inspiration to get fit and to be happy. To live life every day and do the things we love and don’t worry so much about the things we don’t love.
  7. The Dress Uncoded – This blogger in particular hits home for me particular is because we both share the same mitten state of Michigan. Robin Van Crabb continues to impress me with her life-size American Girl Doll closet and historic home she shares on her blog. With a great sense of classics on her mind, you can always see posts about outfits and what to wear to weddings, hair tutorials and outfit accessories. I love to watch for new posts to see the pictures of different historical places she travels around Michigan for her photoshoots, takes you back in time just to see what it was like.
  8. Prep In Your Step –  Dorothy is super friendly and it only took reading a few posts to be hooked and couldn’t stop now I check back regularly to see what she has posted. Prep In Your Step has a mixture of posts ranging from outfits to organization, interiors to advice, and college life to what she’s been up to.
  9. Kelly In The City – Kelly is  your average girl with a love for everything style, whether it’s fashion, home decor, photography or New York City (and now Chicago) life. She’s got an older 20’s classic style too look forward to a colorful adult life after graduating college. Looking forward to the baby pictures to come, as she just announced she is pregnant.
  10. Madison Avenue Prep – Red, white and blonde couldn’t be more true when talking about Madi an eighteen year old southern belle and her love for fashtion and Lilly. She’s got a sparkly Instagram and Twitter and always enjoy reading her posts.

Being preppy isn’t just a fashion trend that will eventually go out of style; it’s a lifestyle of classy girls with the elegance to someday rule the world. Love to hear who y’all follow and read.

Spreading Sprinkles and Sparkles,





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