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Sucker For Seersucker

There is something about the classic style of seersucker that brings the rush of summer heat, as the countdown begins to the start official day of summer. The timeless southern trend keeps bringing itself back year after year.

Are you truly a southern belle if you don’t own at least one article of seersucker in your closet.

Looks good on everything in including gentleman too, commonly in colors such as blue and pink.

And how adorable are these Lauren James bridesmaids, in this wedding. I just love the blue and the bows together are just the perfect combination.

d2f2e3b7cfe3335e115d397feb2fe84eI just love the classic look of crisp seersucker on a summer day, would love to hear y’all’s favorite seersucker pieces, leave a message in the comments.

Spreading Sprinkles & Sparkles,





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