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10 Preppy Dorm Room Inspirations

10 GOLDen Bedroom ideas that Spark this Year’s Décor.

Believe it or not, it’s already mid-summer, which for us college girls means that it’s time to start getting our dorm room in order! Organizing and decorating my dorm rooms the last year has made me look forward to going back to school even more. Call me an organizational freak, but there is nothing like getting everything unpacked and situated, and finding the perfect spot for it all. And what’s the absolute first thing I’ve always done on the move in day? Make up my bed. When you first move in, the room looks dull and stale (hello lovely cinder block walls and dingy carpet squares…). Making up your bed instantly adds cheer to the entire space and from there it becomes more and more like your room.

Thus, I have recently been perusing the internet for the cutest bedding for the upcoming year.  I definitely lean toward comforters and duvets, because they are big, fluffy, and cozy, and that’s obviously the kind of bed I want in my life. This is the bedding I used last year and I loved it. My roommate and I decided to match, which I think made the room look more unified. But if you’re not into the whole matchy-matchy look, then I’d recommend getting bedding that has coordinating colors. Take a look at my freshman dorm room to see exactly what my bedding looked like.

Now, here are 10 dorm room ideas perfectly golden for any girl.

I absolute love the idea of accents of gold and of course with a lot failure couldn’t resist pairing it into a ton of different looks, including this first one which is mint.

Mint GlitzPennant Banner | Marquee Letter | Clock | Comforter | Mug | Dorm Sweet Dorm Throw Blanket | Pencil Cup Divided Desk Tray | Throw Pillow 1 | Mint Ruffle Pillow | Throw Pillow 2 | Desk Lamp

Nothing like the peachy pink of a combination of orange and pink to make a wonderful color peach that goes great with gold.


Brown Fuzzy Pillow | Zzzz Pillow | Peach Watercolor Throw Pillow | Gold Throw Blanket | Gold Lips Poster | Gold Monogram | Chevron Reading Pillow | Bedding | Floral Peach Sheets | Hello Lovely

I love the classic look of black and gold too, it’s so timeless and elegant and sophisticated for a more mature look.

The Classics

Sparkle Sign | XOXO Garland | Black Monogram | Bedding | WINE Marquee Letters Gold Pouf | Amour Throw Pillow | Good Morning Gorgeous | Gold Triangle | Black and White Memory box

Of course, if you’re like me and just love the color pink I could help but overload the page with bright pink and gold together make a perfect pair.

Pretty in Pink

Duvet Cover | Marquee Crown | Kate Spade Clock | Monogram Ribbon Pillow | Flamingo Pillow | Cheetah Rug | Gold Sequin Bow Pillow | Pink Trunk | Monogram Tray

A classic preppy look for all you prepsters out there is a navy room with a splash of pink with the neutral gold color, so, of course, this is what a came up with.

Navy Crazy

Tassel Garland | Strip Tray | Gold Scissors | You Do You | Gold Candle | Dorm Sweet Dorm | Duvet Cover | Tassel Pillow | This Is My Happy Place | Pom Pom Throw

You can’t forget about the basic prep, which is a nautical whale of a time. I love whales and a lot of my freshman dorm had whales in it!


Bedding | Gold Anchor Pillow | Oar | Whale Pillow | Adventure Awaits Sign | Always Look on the Bright SideShip Wheel | Gold Whale | Hamper | Gold Side Tables

Nothing like the cozy mellow tones of a soft gray mixed with the hint of gold to give it a little shimmer and pop.

Gray BabyGold Throw Pillow | White Fur Pillow | Gold Heart Lights | Gold Pin Board | New York Pillow | Gold Monogram Pillow | You Have Tomorrow For A Reason | Gold Side Table | Duvet Cover | Letter Sheets

Nothing says style like mixing two themes together, with a touch of bohemian mixed with a classic preppy touch.

VintageGold Floor Lamp | Rug | Duvet & Sham | Gold Hexagon Vanity Tray | Elephant Pillow | Gold Tapestry | Gold Frames | Peach Knotted Throw Blanket | Throw Pillow | Gold Monogram Pillow

The best way to brighten up a room is with bright colors, coming from your bedding. This bright southwestern preppy dorm room is the perfect color for bare white brick walls.

WesternJewelry Box | Be Happy Be Bight Be You | Bedding | Mexican Blanket | Pink Throw Pillow | Green Pouf | Gold Steer Head | World Map | Black Throw Pillow | Gold Desk Lamp

If you’re looking for an older but more colorful approach nothing like this beautiful floral bedding, to bring your room alive.

FloralBedding | Gold Heart Tray | Gold Circle Garland | Teal Ruffle Pillow | Hello Lovely | Pink Dream A Little Dream | Gold Mason Jar | Hey Hey Hey | Flower Pot | You’re Okay | Flower Tray

I hope this inspires y’all and gets you excited for college and decorating your dorm room as much as me. Look for advice or need help searching for the perfect item I would love to help, leave me a comment below about which one was your favorite.

Spreading Sprinkles and Sparkles,




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