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50 Reasons Fall Semester is the Best

Reasons why the fall semester is the best

Whether you were interning from 9 to 5, waiting tables or perfecting your tan by the pool (jealous), those three months of summer seemed to drag on forever without your best friends, favorite restaurants and wild college parties. But don’t despair, collegiettes; school is back in session. And not only is it a new semester, it’s the fall semester. And fall semester is the most awesome time of the year. here are a few years why (actually, 50):

Fall Semester

  1. It’s a new start, new year. You have a chance to start fresh and to start over, then the person you were last year or the person you were two weeks ago before you moved back on campus.
  2. New You. Finally start that new year’s resolution you tried to start in January, now that you’re on a consist schedule add a few fitness classes into the mix, it’s a great way to burn a few calories and make a new friend.
  3. Seeing your friends again. Long time no sees, you’re finally united with your bestie who live across the country from you, and you’re united by the bond of going to the same school.
  4. Your nice and tan from the summer. No pale paste skin for you, my friend, you will be coming back to school with darker skin and lighter hair.
  5. Seasonal Foods are back. Who doesn’t love caramel apples, apple cider, cider mill donuts, apple pie, Halloween candy, turkey, and stuffing?
  6. Pumpkin & Peppermint Flavored Everything. From Oreos to coffee creamer, M&M’s, cookies and cakes everything has a new flavor and you just can’t get enough, I love a large coffee and chocolate chip pumpkin muffins.
  7. Cafeteria Food at First isn’t that Bad. By the end of the summer, you’re missing the taste of the cafe food just a little like the milkshakes and pizza.
  8. Fall Fashion. Hoodie Weather. Meaning you can go back to shaving your legs once or twice a week without anyone noticing and it’s acceptable to wear sweats and be comfy because it’s “cold”. You also get to rock the riding boots, leggings, and cute sweaters.
  9. Flannels. It’s socially acceptable to wear a flannel any chance you get without being judged that you’re going to a country concert because it’s official fall.
  10. Boot Season. Rain boots, riding boots, L.L. Bean duck boots, booties and all those other kinds can finally be pulled out of your closet and worn until spring.
  11. Back to School Events. This might be the best part of the whole year, back to school parties, live bands, inflatable jumpers, free food and fireworks to kick off the school year all sponsored and paid by the school.
  12. Free Stuff and Events. Free food, t-shirts, Frisbees, flyers, ice cream you name it there probably is a club or table giving it away for free.
  13. Being Free of your Parents. At least the nagging of your parents is gone and you are free to do what you please for the next couple of months.
  14. Back-to-School Supplies. Is it just me or do y’all also get excited with the smell of brand new pens, Sharpies, notebooks and computer paper.
  15. First Week of Classes. I know the part we are all dreading but the first week is by far the best, due to the little to no homework and the 10 minutes’ professors take to read over the syllabus and then they let you leave, hello more time to party.
  16. You’ve been so bored all summer so you’re actually excited for schoolwork. At least for me, I am so excited to have a busy schedule again because stalking my ex-boyfriend’s second cousin on his mother’s side once removed is getting kind of old.
  17. New Guys. The cute upperclassmen in your class or the new kid that transferred here are eyeing you down, and the fall is the perfect time to introduce yourself and maybe make a new friend.
  18. New Friends. New girls in your hall and classes are the perfect time to start bonding and add some friends on your side, you never know when you’re going to need a study buddy this semester, or a bridesmaid later on in life.
  19. Football Games. Something about watching your team smash heads with the opposing team is so exciting, and the rush and school pride of cheering your team on to victory with your friends in the rain.
  20. Tailgates. If you’re not a fan of the football, maybe staying outside the game and partying is more your style, because home or away campus seems to get rowdy when your school is playing.
  21. Homecoming. By far the craziest weekend on campus, and it doesn’t even come close to high school, starting the minute classes end on Friday (or Thursday) is when the fun begins and doesn’t end till Sunday afternoon.
  22. Fall Activities. Spending the weekends at the apple orchard picking apples, bonfires on campus, corn mazes or picking pumpkins and carving them with friends, haunted hayrides, and haunted houses, find a cute date to hold on to if you’re a little scared.
  23. Picking Pumpkins. It’s like a must to go to a pumpkin patch. Pick out the perfect pumpkin to put in your dorm even if you don’t plan on carving it.
  24. Cuddle Weather. It’s finally cold enough to cuddle up with your roommate or someone special and spend the day inside.
  25. Warm Laundry from the Drier. Something about pulling your warm sweatpants out of the drier and wearing them on Sunday night while you’re doing homework and hanging out.
  26. New Living Arrangements. You get to move into your new home for the year, I get so excited when I get to move all my stuff around and finally arrange the perfect cozy room of my liking.
  27. New Roommates. If you’re staying the same or mixing it up there are always a few new faces in the hall or the suite that you soon get to bond with all semester. New roommates to have Disney movies marathons with.
  28. New RA. Crossing your fingers you have a nice one that might let you sneak in a candle and burn it without ratting you out.
  29. New Décor and Bedding. I love the idea of being able to create a brand new space starting from scratch and creating it your own. No childish soccer medals, or the little kid stuff your parents would never let you throw away. You finally in a space your created by yourself.
  30. Leaves Falling. Something about walking from class with a coffee in hand through the trees and the leaves is falling in bright colorful colors is just gorgeous.
  31. Making leaf piles and jumping in them. Is it wrong to do this as an college student on campus?
  32. Starbucks Fall Drinks. It’s acceptable to start drinking hot drinking again, hot chocolates and tall coffees, the basic white girl pumpkin spice, and salted caramel mocha (this is my all-time favorite next to the peppermint mocha).
  33. Winter Drinks. If only you could have guess, I just love peppermint and gingerbread everything almost as much as I love nutmeg, pumpkin and cinnamon spices. Gingerbread lattes or a peppermint mocha are my go to in the winter, I bribe myself to get out of bed and walk to class in the snow with these.
  34. Fall Weather. It’s the perfect weather between summer and freezing in the winter. You can rock jeans and a long sleeve or a light sweater.
  35. Light Breeze. What comes along with the weather is that breeze that leaves you cool but not cold and the perfect temperature that you’re not sweaty through shirts anymore.
  36. Crisp Fall Nights. Perfect for cuddling up and making the first move with that new guy you had the courage to invite over. Make the first move my getting close by blaming it on how cold you were.
  37. Fall TV Shows. All the classic shows are back, after taking the summer off are now airing new episodes so it gives you something to look forward to every week.
  38. So many Breaks. Compared to spring there are a ton more breaks, fall break, thanksgiving and of course Christmas break. It breaks up the semester and leaves room to relax before finals and tests.
  39. Halloween. Allows for some of the best theme parties of the year and if you’re lucky your professor might even hand out candy at the end of the class.
  40. Classic Fall Movies. It’s acceptable to say in watch hours of a marathon of all the classic Halloween movies while cozying up and eating popcorn without sweating to death.
  41. Winter Sports Start. Going to non-league games for basketball and hockey, and having a little fun on Friday.
  42. Midnight Madness. If you go to a big basketball school, the preseason opener for the men’s and women’s basketball team host a big show type thing to introduce the players and coaching staff, they usually give away t-shirts and free food, and have crazy effects like laser lights and smoke and the teams do dunking contests and sometimes scrimmage.
  43. Thanksgiving. The best food all year, and it’s acceptable to eat as much as you want without getting judged. Not only do you get a few days off to spend with family you get have two, one at school in the cafeteria and one at home.
  44. 25 day of Christmas. The best part of finishing finals and waiting till you leave for Christmas vacation is snacking and watching Christmas Movies all day long with your friends. Which included quoting lines from Elf to your roommate.
  45. Decorating your Dorm for the Holiday. Making tons of paper snowflakes and pretending there is snow on the ground before Christmas break, so your dorm looks festive.
  46. Christmas Break. The end of the semester has finally come and now you have a month off for Christmas and New Years to spend with your family and friends.
  47. Black Friday & Cyber Monday Shopping. A reason to splurge on some cute clothes before the semester ends or start shopping for gifts for under the tree.
  48. Ugly Sweater Christmas Parties. Because it Halloween wasn’t enough, to see guys dressed in sweaters and footie pajamas is the perfect way to end the semester at a party.
  49. Hot Chocolate. Just can’t get enough of this so now you can drink it all the time, with and without coffee and whenever you need a little pick me up.
  50. Fuzzy Blankets. It’s acceptable to spend your entire Sunday laying around snuggling in your bed, a would suggest lighting a scented candle but most dorms don’t allow this, but you can get scented wax melts and some string lights for the same effect.


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