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Tips & Tricks For College Move-In Day

20 Tips & Tricks to Move in Day

Brought to you by sweat, tears and a whole lot of stress, college move-in day is no walk in the park. I’ve had my fair share of mishaps and move in day breakdowns, so hopefully this 20 college move in day hacks and tips will help others to avoid making the same mistakes as they unpack this semester.

  1. Arrive Early. Try to show up the earliest possible, last year my roommate and I arrived a day before campus move-in day to get settled before the big rush of the rest of the campus. Check Residence before you do this to make sure it’s okay, the most campus will let you move during non-official move in hours.
  2. Know What You Have. Google you room head of time chances are you can see exactly what you are working with ahead of time, by viewing it on your campus website or in a vlog on YouTube. This allows you to plan out what needs to be purchased ahead of time such as extra storage.
  3. Dress in Comfortable Clothes. Moving in is definitely a workout, it’s a lot of heavy lifting and more cases it’s going to be a lot of stairs you will be climbing with multiple boxes taking many trips. Wear gym shorts and a t-shirt or tank top because you’re going to want to be comfortable.
  4. Don’t Arrive at the Same Time. If it’s possible to avoid it try and arrange so you and your roommate aren’t both moving in at the same time. It’s a hot mess when both sets of parents are trying to squeeze all your belonging through one door.
  5. Scan Out Your Room. I know you’re super anxious to start moving your stuff into your new home, but take a minute to walk up to your new dorm and find the easiest way to get there before unloading your car. Figure out how you want to organize your bed and desk before lugging all your belonging up to your room. It’s much easier to raise the bed when you don’t have all your stuff piled in the middle of the floor.
  6. Keep Your Clean Supplies Accessible. Pack them in a good place to reach once you find your dorm. Before you do any unpacking I recommend cleaning up your dorm before moving all your stuff in. Your new dorm might not be as clean as you were hoping and it’s easier to do this first.
  7. Pack Snacks. Most likely once you start moving in you won’t be able to head out to get a bite to eat until around dinner, plan ahead by packing a cooler of snacks such as power bars and fruits along with bottles of water.
  8. Pack your Bedding Together. This is the most important thing that you will need the first night so make sure it’s in a spot where it’s not going to get lost in the mix. I kept mine all in the box it was shipping in.
  9. Make Your Bed as Soon as Possible. Having a made bed is great for a place to relax while you take breaks. It also makes your room immediate look more put together…no matter how much more unpacking you have to do.
  10. Overnight Bag Packed with your Essentials. In case you’re scrambling for the time makes sure you know where your essentials are for the first night. Knowing you already know where your toothbrush and a set of pj’s are, are key to starting off college right.
  11. Pack Clothes on Hangers. When deciding what to bring with you put your clothes on those new hangers you bought instead of boxes or tubes, then to keep them together cover clothes with a trash bag, making a hole at the top for the hangers, so when you get to your dorm all you have to do is rip the bag off once it’s in the closet.
  12. Pack your Bins. Don’t just bring empty containers and rearrange it when you get there, pack them while at home. It saves you a lot of time but also a lot of car space.
  13. Tape Storage Drawers & Mini Fridges Shut. Nothing like trying to carry your plastic drawers up three flights of stairs and they keep popping open and you’re losing your belongings down the hallway, tape them shut with packaging tape to secure them until you get to your room.
  14. Bring a Toolkit. Be sure to bring a hammer, screwdriver with you when moving in. You never know if you’re going to have to raise the bed or change the hinge on your fridge, so be sure to have a toolkit on hand.
  15. Let Your Parents Help You. This is a big moment for them to, so let them help, cry, miss you, be worried for you, etc. because soon you won’t have them telling you what to do every minute.
  16. Delegate Sections to Unpack. Your parents are begging you to let them help them so why not put them to work. I had my mom making my bed and organize my closet while my dad and I decided to put the fridge and do all the heavy lifting.
  17. Take Advantage of In-Store Pickup. Many stores offer a service for picking up on college move-in day, which is helpful if you are going far away to school. Check out which stores are close to campus and order your dorm items ahead of time for easy pick-up.
  18. Wait to Replace What Your Missing. As you unpack it’s inevasible that you’re going to forget packing something or you’re going to miss something you wish you brought, don’t just run out to the store. Chances are you going to realize you wanted something else so just create a list and then purchase it all in one trip once you finished unpacking everything.
  19. Plug in Your Refrigerator as Soon as Possible. A mini fridge needs at least a couple hours to be ready to use for your food. Plugging it in right away leaves you one less thing to worry about while you unpack and make yourself at home.
  20. Bring LOTS of Command Hooks and Strips. All your décor and lights and pictures, towel racks and memo boards will be going on a wall you can’t put holes in, purchase these ahead of time when you find them on sale. You’re going to be a bunch!


The countdown to the day that I move in is already ticking away and I am already dreading the moment I have to repack the boxes I just managed to unpack months ago. Not sure if I am excited or dreading going back to school, guess I will keep y’all posted in the weeks to come.


Spreading Sprinkles and Sparkles,




8 thoughts on “Tips & Tricks For College Move-In Day

  1. Love this post! I’m a college senior and I’ve packed my clothes on hangers for the past few years – it’s a serious life saver (especially when you go back home and have to unpack everything from school) 🙂

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  2. This is a great post! I remember moving into my dorm last year was a mess: lines throughout the parking lot and for my building’s elevator (I lived on the sixth floor!)

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