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20 Apps Every College Girl Needs

20 Apps Every College Girl Needs


This is for all my college babies leaving for campus pretty soon, here are a few apps to save you losing papers, gaining weight, getting distracted and ordering a pizza. We have technology and iPhones at our finger tips why not use them to be successful in school.

  1. Google Drive – I shouldn’t even have to tell you to have this on your phone. If you are a college student and don’t know what Google Drive is… I don’t even… I don’t. I can’t. Stop what you’re doing now and educate yourself. Maybe get a laptop and figure out what the internet is too. Never get caught without your midterm 40-page paper again, because, with Google Drive, you can store any and all documents (and create them!) on your drive, giving you access to them at all time.icon175x175
  2. Sunrise – The ultimate organization app for those of us who need synchronization between our social life and academic life. With Sunrise, effortlessly sync all of your Facebook events and birthdays, invite those you’ve connected with on LinkedIn or Facebook to an event you create on your phone with Sunrise, and even connect with your Google Calendar, so that whatever you update on your phone with Sunrise, it automatically updates to your Google Calendar (and vice versa)! It’s the ultimate tool for those of us looking to be #winning at everything in life, at the same time. Easily see everything on the same day, from your best friend’s birthday to your 8:10 class to the ABC party that you still don’t have an outfit for (thanks, no clothes rule). Plus, when you enter certain key terms when creating a new event on your calendar, it’ll give you a special icon to separate it from other events.


  1. SelfControl – If you are a procrastinator, or someone who is easily distracted, this app might be exactly what you’re looking for. This app actually works best on a laptop as it restricts your access to distracting websites for a designated amount of time. This means you can study, write your paper, or do your research work without any temptations from outside websites.


  1. GroupMe – If an app that allows for group message for those with and without iPhones so now the whole hall can have on conversations and still own a Windows, Blackberry or Android phone while still being able to connect in the group.



  1. Pandora – With all these different radio stations, and playlists I need and want something simple, and I’m a Pandora kind of girl when it comes to music. I listen to the oldies, the 50’s and the 80’s along with a classic country and hits of today along with a little show tunes, Pandora allows me to jump from station to station.


  1. Mathway – Having trouble trying to solve a length math problem you have been stuck on for hours? It is so easy to stop trying to find the right answer. Mathway has an app that will guide you step-by-step while you search for algebra, geometry, or any other math solution. Enter your problem into the application, and check if your solution is the same with one button.unnamed
  2. Kalkulilo – Stuck in a pickle because you left your scientific graphing calculator back in your dorm room, or you need to do a quick calculation this add has all the button and stops that your missing from the basic calculator, while all the functions are present I wouldn’t recommend using this during a test. You might want to invest in a real calculator if you don’t have one or worry a roommates or a friend if it’s just a one semester class.


  1. EasyBib – You will be sitting a lot of sources, and if you do end up writing a research paper without them you will get caught plagiarizing someone else ideas or thoughts without it. With this app it’s simple to create a citation, first choose which style you need to site in MLA, APA and then type in the title and the author. All that’s left to do is copy and paste this into your paper.


  1. Grammarly – Have to write a paper but you don’t have someone to proofread it, upload your paper to this app and it will proofread and catch grammar and punctuation mistakes Word processors will never catch.  It’s saved me from turning in the paper with mistakes I read over, the free version catches so much but the premium catches almost everything allow you to turn in a paper almost error free. Don’t lose points on grammar when you have so much technology at your fingertips. I believe it also checks for plagiarism if your professor insists on using TurnItIn.


  1. Mint – College students often have problems with money. And even if you have enough savings, they always tend to disappear. Do not let this happen, and download Mint to control your budget and see what your money is usually spent on. Who knows? Maybe you will become more responsible.


  1. Cash –  An easy way to pay people with one app. Cash allows you to pay other with your debit card. A friend spotted you at the bar or you weren’t able to get two bills at dinner, now it’s become much easier to drop a few dollars in her bank account without having to run to the ATM. This was super helpful for my parents when I needed a little bit of cash.

cash square

  1. Cram – Looking for online flash cards or quiz review, for so many classes last semester I studied flashcards from the classes I was taking online, cramming all the important information in all at the last minute. This was super helpful to weed out the information I needed and those of which I didn’t to ace the exam and the class.


  1. Uber – Needed a ride to and from the bar, and looking for a ride into town. You’re a freshman and don’t have a car on campus. If you haven’t heard of Uber then you’re missing out many cities have drivers that work similar to cab drivers but it’s the new modern alternative.


  1. Postmates – I guess these days you can get anything delivered instantly. There are so many apps that depend on the existence of the hungry college student’s inelastic food needs. Here’s one that combines Uber and GrubHub to deliver not only food, but groceries as well, and is available in a lot of major cities.


  1. GrubHub –  I added this in hear because not all of us live or go to school near a major city and we like takeout food to that delivered to our dorm room door when we are bind watch movies with our roomie. This app saved me the first couple weeks of school when I had no idea where the Chinese or pizza places are. I recommend ordering Insomnia Cookies, these are warm cookies that come in a pizza box and are so delicious and are open till 3 am if you need a little late night pick me up while studying.


  1. Drink Owl – Looking for a night out with the girls at some place new Drink Owl will tell you all the hopping bars and clubs near campus while also telling you where you can find all the drink specials, because we all know being broke comes with going to college.drink owl
  2. Meetup – Let’s face it when you graduate into the real world, you’re not going to have all your friends living within a mile radius for you to hang out, party, and go to football games with. So realistically, if you are new to a city, or even just interning for a couple of months somewhere, it helps to join a group who has similar interests or backgrounds. And that may sound terrifying, or Tinder-esque, but the whole point is to find an entire group of people to hang out with and get to know. So maybe take a buddy, or ask around about activities, but give it a try so you’ll get used to your new home.


  1. Chegg – Needed textbooks for the semester, Chegg is a cheap way to rent textbooks for cheap stead of spending hundreds at the bookstore. This really easy and all you have to do is mail them back in at the end of the semester. My roommate rented her books from Chegg last year and though they were super friendly and easy to use.


  1. MyFitnessPal – Don’t be the friend that gains the freshman 15, sure it might happen to most but don’t be in that category. You’re finally out of your parent’s control so you start to each when and whatever you want, and the weight will start gaining. Monitor what your putting in your mouth and exercise is crucial, this app will help you keep track to stay healthy.


  1. Nike Training Club – Nike did a fantastic job putting together this app that allows you to pick out what type and kind of workout you want to do, for short bursts of time to focus in on burning calories or building muscles. I love doing 15-minute workouts to burn tons of calories that I can do inside my dorm. It also keeps track of your process and you can design programs to keep you on track.



as always

Spreading Sprinkles & Sparkles,




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