Summer Favorites

As summer has come to a close this past weekend I can’t help but share a couple of my favorite things and what I am dragging into this new semester and month of September. The clock might have said summer done but we still have a few warm weeks left before fall really is knocking at our doorstep.

Almond Joy Iced Coffee – The best iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts I have been literally addicted, and been getting them any chance I get because it tastes like a candy bar and is such a fun treat in the summer when it’s hot. Stop by after 2 pm and you can get a medium hot or iced coffee for only $.99 cents so it’s practically a deal.

Girls in White Dresses – This was such a cute book and very easy read. I finished it in only a couple of days. It’s about a group of girls in New York City, and they alternate chapters with who is telling their story of a long hot summer of wedding after wedding of living single, and what goes into being a bridesmaid and when will they every settle down and find the right man to have their own wedding.


Maybelline Better Skin Foundation – This foundation is a mix between a liquid and a powder and I was pretty skeptical about if I was going to like it or how much coverage would be applied. It works pretty well and I don’t seem to get greasy when I use it which is nice. I was sent this from Influenster by Maybelline to test out for free, and I would only be sharing this product with you guys if I didn’t love it myself.

Essie Playdate – I love this fun purple festive color that’s a little different from the normal pinks, reds, whites and mint colors most people wear in the summer. The bright purple is such a splash of color and I just adore the shade and have been wearing it so much this summer. 37b86f55f3a3531c73e434a7d9eb978d

Jeffrey Campbell Dola Dupe Sandals – Last month I picked up the perfect sandals which I have been loving they are dupes to a pair that was popular last year and I was able to get my hands on them. I was more than excited when I found these at TJ Maxx for a whopping $25 dollars compared to the $150 I would have spent. These are perfect for dressing a casual a little nicer or goes great with a very dressy outfit as well.

Mercari App – This is great because it allows me to sell unwanted clothes in my closet this summer to earn a little extra dough. Last year I made the mistake of taking every article of clothing with me to college and ended up not wearing even half of it, so this summer I have been selling a ton of clothes online with the app Mercari which puts a few extra bucks in my pocket, and I can buy new things I might actually wear this year. This summer I made over $200 dollars and I also have my eye on purchasing a new pair of Hunters on here. For a $2 off your first purchase, sign up with my code: KADRNR.

Fall semester has officially started, classes are in full swing and I am sprinting around campus trying to get my life in order. I apologize for the lack of posts the last couple of weeks. I will eventually get on a schedule and hopefully more consistent blogging schedule (fingers crossed). If you have any recommendations of posts you would like to see, leave a comment below.

Spreading Sprinkles & Sparkles,







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