Preppy Instagrams You Should Follow

If you are anything like me I love to spend endless hours scrolling through Instagram, something about photographs and the love of capturing moments is my favorite. Instagram is my favorite outlet of social media next to Pinterest, for styling outfits, and ideas and pieces. I wanted to share with you guys some of my top Instagram accounts I love to follow.

  1. KJP – Kiel James Patrick documents the perfect life of a tale of two New Englanders in the extravagant preppy life with his wife Sarah Vickers. Living a lifestyle full of boat shoes, J. Crew,  festive everything and of course extremely preppy.fullsizerender-3
  2. sarahkjp – Kiel’s wife and amazing preppy fashion blogger Sarah owner of the blog Classy Girls Wear Pearls. Uses great use of color and light and love the way they both edit and frame their pictures. I love the look of vintage filters they have on all their pictures take you back in time.fullsizerender-4
  3. puffinandbennie – For the love of puppy dogs, if you follow any of the KJP associated Instagram accounts it is impossible not to follow the adventures of their golden retriever Bennie and their cat. There comes a point where I am jealous of how preppy and spoiled this dog is treated and how great his Instagram is compared to mine.fullsizerender-25
  4. amybelievesinprink – If it wasn’t obvious I am obsessed with Amy and her blog I Believe in Pink, she has such fun pictures of bright colors and pinks. I just love her style and use of color within her very preppy southern lifestyle and use of tons of pompons.fullsizerender-6
  5. carly – Blogger of The College Prepster, she captures Instagram with such great photographs and art of classics. Currently in love with all her fall outfits and adventures picking pumpkins and apples, and duck boots and flannels.fullsizerender-27
  6. theodoreandhamilton – The KJP’s aren’t the only ones with famous dogs running around the place, Carly’s two dogs Theodore & Hamilton, who live in New York City preppy pampered lives. Theodore who goes by teddy is a toy poodle while his partner in crime Hamilton is a Maltipoo.fullsizerender-12
  7. katelynchef – I love the bright colors and preppy style that Katelyn brings to her Instagram, as the blogger of The Yellow Spectacles, she has developed such a strong account,  and makes me look forward to what she will create next.fullsizerender-11
  8. erickdent – The look of New Englander never fails to good so good on guys. Frederick Rodgers Dent V and his love for adventure as he takes you along on a wild one through great photography and a passion for prep. Great use of bright colors and love how he edits his images.fullsizerender-10
  9. belleoftheball45 – Abigail and her preppy lifestyle of button up collard shirts, sweaters and cute pearl necklaces, vests and perfectly curled hair. She lives a very preppy life while hanging out with Vineyard Vines owners and the members at the KJP Factory.fullsizerender-33
  10. jennasweeney – Straight outta Cape Cod is bright blonde and full of color and New England preppy styles taking Instagram by storm Jenna Sweeney has such an adorable cut Instagram. I couldn’t help but stalk and follow her, she also was an intern for the KJPs.fullsizerender-32
  11. prepinyourstep – The Instagram of the blog Prep in Your Step, is full of bright and vibrant colors of all preppy things. Bright pinks, blues and greens with the freshness of the white, gives it a clean preppy and artsy look. Dorothy is super inspiring and I love following her.fullsizerender-31
  12. cmcoving – Caitlin southern belle with a love of fashion and all things perfectly fine. I can’t help how perfect she is and wish my closet was half the size of hers. She puts together such great outfits with timeless pieces and a little preppy charm.fullsizerender-30
  13. shelbyrevis – Full of color, Disney, sparkle and sunshine. Shelby Revis adds Lilly and Disney and color to my timeline and I instantly just get happy and excited to see the new Disney themed Lilly Pulitzer Mickey Mouse ears or her new Toy Story sneakers.fullsizerender-34
  14. prepavenue – Shannon H helps you believe that anything is possible, with her bright pink colors and love for everything southern and preppy. Her love for travel and adventure and style, and of course Lilly Pulitzer. I recently found out that her grandparents live in the same city as me, such a small world we live in. You should defiantly check her out and her blog Prep Avenue.fullsizerender-39
  15. sarah.villella – A lover of all things Lilly, Disney, colorful and a Floridian. Sarah Villella just adds so much beach and hot pink colors on my timeline it was impossible not to follow her. Constantly wearing things with bright patterns or Lilly Pulitzer, I just love her style and color of pink.fullsizerender-38
  16. gavinlivingstone – Gavin is a preppy southern who loves his Southern Marsh, everything Florida and Vineyard Vines. I love the composition of his colors and vintage touch of filters on his photos, for sure it a great follow.fullsizerender-37
  17. robinvancrabb – How could I forget little miss life-size American Girl Doll; she practically looks like she just walked out of a different era and decades of style. Mitten girl and historic buff, showing you the history of what Michigan should offer through several Ford Estates, Museums and villages.fullsizerender-24
  18. lonestarsouthern – Little light of sunshine, as Kate shares her state of Texas with all the preppy bright and colorful things that go alone with it. Her love of shopping, Nordstrom’s and all things fine intrigued me not only to read her blog but constantly browse through her pictures.fullsizerender-8
  19. thecoastalconfidence – Such bright images of preppy New Englander things get me every time and Aubrey Yandow has endless images, ideas and it original in capturing moments and pieces. I currently am obsessed with her Instagram with all the fall love she has on her page, and that have also been surfacing around my Pinterest pages.fullsizerender-20
  20. dariasmithyt – YouTuber and blogger, with all things Lilly, adventures through Alabama, lover of dogs and a little good spirit. When I was searching for new YouTubers to watch she popped up, and of course I had to follow her on Instagram.fullsizerender-14
  21. meredithgraceyt – Like Daria, Meredith is also my favorite little southern belle with a huge passion for fashion, and all things with bright colors. She seriously inspiring through Instagram and YouTube. Bright bold and extremely colorful, she packs a punch of wisdom and all things fun and preppy.fullsizerender-15
  22. dailydoseof_prep – A mix between the classic New Englander and bright colorful Lilly Pulitzer prints Lucy, makes a splash of color and contrast with interesting posts and a well put together Instagram page. I just love to tag along on he journey as she posts such cute outfits and accessories.fullsizerender-23
  23. missouriprepster – Just such an appropriate account of preppy t-shirts, Hunter Rain Boots, whale stickers, Kendra Scott jewelry, duck boots and so much more. So many fun pictures and posts and it just kind of gives me inspiration and so much prep and whales in one sitting.fullsizerender-17
  24. kellyprepster – Life won’t sparkle unless you do, and so does Kelly’s outfits. Kelly sparkles the world with her dazzling preppy outfits. She consistently posts outfit of the days with the preppies styles, from outfitters such as J. Crew, Vineyard Vines, and Southern Shirt Company. If you don’t get enough from her Instagram she has a YouTube channel and blog. fullsizerender-18

So many new followers to follow, hopefully, they all add a little more prep in your timeline, I know I personally enjoy reading and seeing all their posts on my timeline. I love scrolling through, and getting to see them. If you know a great account that I missed, or your favorite please share below in the comments, I would love to follow them and of course you!

Spreading Sprinkles & Sparkles,





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