Happy Halloween

Happy Monday and also Happy Halloween to my second favorite holiday. I may have had to go to classes this morning but I couldn’t not dress up. So as a college student I still wore my superman shirt to class. There is just something about dressing up and getting to be whoever you want all weekend long. And going to Halloween parties and hanging with friends. Trust me there was plenty enough partying for this girl for a while.

I might be too old to go Trick-or-Treating tonight, so instead I decided to share some of my glory moment and costumes I dressed up as a kid. Can’t wait to pop some popcorn tonight cozy up and watch Halloween Town.


My Sissy and me at my grandparents house


Why did my parents keep dressing my and my sister up as clowns?


Cheerleader and my Dallas Cowboys QB boyfriend, no we never dated but he was the QB for our high school football team and how he is now in a frat at MSU, and I’m doing my thing.


At one point we were all pretty adorable and got along, the three of us together without fighting with my cousin Hank

I miss carving pumpkins every year and laying them out on the driveway


This has to be my favorite costume probably because we were so tight; the four of us did everything together in middle school. We dressed up as the dance group Jabbawockeez from America’s Got Talent.

p.s. There are a few fabulous Halloween sales going on right now that you shouldn’t miss! Check out this adorable sequin shirt from J. Crew Factory, if you use the code NICECOSTUME to get an extra 31% off. Get 25% off these Bauble Bar gorgeous choker with the code BOO25. Also, you can get a free Three Wick Candle with every purchase today at Bath & Body Works use code THISISXMAS.

Spreading Sprinkles & Sparkles,





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