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Fall Favorites


Sweater weather, where are you?! I am writing this on November 3rd and it’s 70 degrees outside right now! I don’t really love cold weather so I’m kind of glad it still feel like summer outside but at the same time I am ready to be able to wear my fall clothes already! I want to wear my Hunter rain boots, and thick socks without my feet sweating to death.

I decided I would share some of my favorites things this fall with you guys. I wanted to try something different and involve all my own  photos of my favorites things, inspirited by reading a few new blogs. Maybe we can only hope for it to get cold enough to wear thick sweaters and scarves.

Three new All Natural flavors by ChapStick: Green Tea Mint, Pink Grapefruit (my favorite) and Sweet Papaya. These came just in time, send by ChapStick and Influenster to try for free. I love them plus it’s starting to become the season of dry lips and no one likes crusty lips. Even if I won’t be kissin anyone.

I love painting my nails recently and of course I added a few new colors to my Essie collection. Including playing kol (burnt orange), fall in line (green) and mink muffs (hot coco brown). These are great for getting gin the mood and I think these are just the perfect fall colors, I currently have playing kol on my nails right now.

What’s college without a spontaneous trip to Whole Foods at 6 pm on a Sunday night with my roominess, and I couldn’t resist picking up what is now my favorite tea. Dirty Chai is to die for, if you are a fan of chai tea then you will love this. p.s. The dirty part is a shot of expresso; mixed with a little warm milk you can make it a latte.

Finally are these Le Pens, so I heard about these on YouTube as bloggers and planners were raving about these pens. They are pretty expensive so I was hesitant to buy them but they were totally worth the purchase. I have been using them for everything, including taking notes in class, writing in my planner and just studying and doodling. I pick up this pack from Amazon.


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