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Dream Closet

Is it me or when you see the perfect outfit you just have to have it on Pinterest, maybe a little more than that you wish you had that dream closet. Those closet goals where the closet is the size of your bedroom or even bigger.

We all kind of dream of that perfect closet, big enough to hold every single pair of shoes we own plus the ones we wished we owned. You scroll through Pinterest and Tumblr hoping that half the clothes and outfits were part of your own closet. All those gorgeous Lilly Pulitzer dresses and the endless amount of Hunter rain boots in every color. An infinite amount of J. Crew chinos, sweaters, button ups and scarves. Pretty much every single preppy store known to man clothes in you closet.


Maybe it’s just me but I cannot help but drool when it comes to seeing pictures of Kiel and Sarah James Patrick’s closet. Not only does the organization and size blow you away. The endless amount of high end and high quality threads. I just wish I had half the size of a closet as them.





If only my closet was big enough to get lost in it, or you have a closet like Princess Mia from Princess Diaries.

While my dreams of a big grand closet are a little far from reality currently with the size of my little shoe box closet I have in my college apartment. MakeSpace is a great option for those with tiny spaces. MakeSpace is a storage rental space, which will pick and deliver your belongs. They have self-storage locations all over! My closet isn’t very big so it’s perfect for college student who have multiple seasonal closets. They can pick up my fall stuff and deliver my winter clothes on campus. It’s also perfect for the summer since I will be living at home, instead of trucking all my furniture home and they will deliver it back to campus in the fall. It’s awesome for just paying monthly payments for how much space you are taking up instead of renting out a locker and trying to keep track of the keys.


Spreading Sprinkles & Sparkles,




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