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How to Style L.L. Bean Boots

As those leaves turn into snow, I shift from wearing my Converse collection to more sturdy boots, that can take in water and slush. Especially if you are a college student and do a lot of walking around campus I would recommend investing in a pair of waterproof shoes, so you don’t spend all day in damp wet socks.

I would recommend in purchasing a pair of L.L. Bean Boots, I own this pair, which is the original 8″ high boots in tan and brown.

In the winter, I am constantly rotating from my Hunters, riding boots and Bean boots through my closet. No matter how many times I wear them a week I just haven’t gotten tired of my Bean Boots and they haven’t lost their shine or sparkle like my glossy red Hunters have.

I was inspirited by Shannon’s post on Prep Avenue on how she tired her duck boots, that I wanted to share some ideas on how to style your boots with your outfits depending on the activity. From dressing them up to dressing them down for class, and studying at the library.


Paired with Jeggings, a Oxford button up and a vest along with a Michael Kors purse {Similar}  is perfect for a slightly chillier day in fall


Paired with a pair of skinny jeans, and a fuzzy True Grit Pullover


Black jeans, a gray sweater turtleneck and a red and blue buffalo plaid Excursion Vest {Similar}


Dress Bean Boots up with tights, wool sidewalk skirt and a Ralph Lauren Polo button down


Perfect for a day in the library of class is pairing them with leggings, a chambray button down shirt, a scarf and a white vineyard vines hat


Lazy Sunday and your furry friend no problem; pair your boots with leggings, a crewneck, a J. Crew vest and a hat for when you have a bad hair day


Who says you can’t be cute and comfortable, camp socks, leggings, flannel {Similar} and a sweater {Similar} of course the arm candy a Daniel Wellington watch

Some trends come and go but Ducks boots have been here a while and I think that are coming back to stay. I love the classical and basic preppy look they can give to any outfit. I am so excited to dig out my boots for the winter along with my camp sock collection. I might have lied, I love fall but I also love the warm cuddles and warm pullovers and socks that comes with winter.

Spreading Sprinkles & Sparkles,











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