Holiday Bucket List

Happy December 1st, I would say the countdown to Christmas has officially begun but I would be lying. I started counting down to my favorite month and holiday back in November once Halloween was officially over. I love Christmas, the holiday season, and all the traditions that come with it. Being in college, the holidays seem a little more special to me because I finally understand how amazing it feels to be with family for Christmas. For those 17 years, I lived at home, I am not realized that I took for granted all my siblings and I being home and I didn’t expect to be craving home so badly! I am also missing waking up every morning for a month and a half and seeing the gorgeous Christmas décor around the house. I got a little excited last week when I was home for a whole week and put up all my families Christmas decorations up on Tuesday while everyone was at school and work (before Thanksgiving).

I’ve got 25 days of Christmas playing at night after I am done studying and doing homework, and I constantly have my Christmas playlist playing in my room (preferably, Michael Bubles’s Christmas album). Christmas can be a very busy month, so I decided to share some of the things I hop to accomplish this month to end the year out with a bang.



Spreading Sprinkles & Sparkles,




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