12 Days of Christmas Without a Boyfriend

As you can guess I am going into another holiday and another Christmas single as ever, not that I care it has it perks for sure. I mean we all wish we had a boyfriend to cuddle up with by the fire and to take us on cute dates to see colorful lights. I’m not complaining or bitter about being single so as for support, I am going to share 12 reasons why being single this holiday is great.
  1. You don’t have to go out and search for hours to find the perfect gift
  2. Instead of spending the money on his gift you can treat yourself
  3. Won’t have to pretend to be nice and make small talk with his crazy great aunts and impress his mom and family at his family Christmas party
  4. You can kiss whoever you want when the ball drops at New Year
  5. You can dress as slutty as you want on New Years
  6. YOU CAN EAT AS MANY CHRISTMAS COOKIES AS YOU WANT  (no one cares what you (look like
  7. You don’t have to pretend to like the Christmas gift he bought you
  8. Bars are the busiest during the holidays if you’re trying to meet new people and get their digits
  9. You don’t have to split your Christmas vacation in half, you can spend the entire time doing what you want
  10. You can kiss whatever you want under the mistletoe just make sure to avoid your creepy uncle
  11. You can sing Mariah Carey “All I Want Is You” as loud as you want
  12. Finishing a bottle of Barefoot with your gals is way better than trying to impress him at a fancy dinner
My roommates and I are bonding over pizza and watching 25 days of Christmas as we all come up with reasons why it is okay to be single (yes, all four of us except one are all single). And ladies, and some gentlemen it’s going to be just single. So, if you’re lucky enough to be tied up for the holiday’s congratulations. But if you’re not cuffed for the season hope you end enjoy this rendition of 12 days of Christmas written by the roomies and me.
This is for all the single bitches, here is the single Christmas anthem of the year for all y’all going through the holiday alone.
On the Twelfth day of Christmas
Santa gave to me
12 Texts From your Ex
11 Glass of Wine
10 Hours of Hallmark Movies
9 New Numbers
8 Crazy Aunts
7 Stupid Sweaters
6 New Pairs of Shoes
5 Pounds of Christmas Cookies
4 Men Calling
3 Showing up
2 Tryin to Fuck
And a Creepy Uncle tryin to kiss me
I know this was a little different but I thought it was funny and hard not to share so I incorporated reasons it’s just okay to be single this holiday season.
Spreading Sprinkles & Sparkles,

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