How To Stop Procrastinating and Start Studying For Finals

Happy Monday, and also happy 5th day of blogmas, if you didn’t check out my 12 days of Christmas Single you should totally check it out, my roommates are still laughing from my brainstorming reason why being single this holiday is great.
So, for most of us including myself, finals are approaching quickly and suddenly, lucky I have this whole week to mentally and physically prepare myself for the finals that are about to hit me next weeks like an unexpected and unwanted winter snow storm. I have this whole week to prepare but I have already been sucked into the idea that I can do this tomorrow or later and pretty soon, it will be next week and I’ll have two finals on Monday and will start to crave studying until 2 am in the library.
This year I am making a list and checking it twice and marking things off because I am not waiting until the last minute to turn in projects and write papers and study, so as I procrastinate doing my homework I thought I would share with you some ways to stop procrastinating your holiday shopping and studying this holiday season.
Write That Stuff Down: We all are basically physically attached to our iPhones, yes, I know where mine is at least 99.5% off the day, but something about writing things down with a pen and paper so is just so satisfying and being able to check off the box after a task is done is even better. Even if you have a simple day, for some reason visualizing the list makes it real, something you mentally don’t realize how much you have to do or what you want to accomplish and this helps too much.
Get Your Top Three Out of The Way First: Make a daily to-do list each morning putting the most important things at the top and the smaller ones at the bottom. Get after your to-do list early when you have the most energy and are energized so when it comes down to the simple and easier tasks you can do them quickly effortlessly then having it be bedtime and you’re half asleep wanting to watch Elf instead of studying for your economics final.
The 20 – 10 Method: Once you’re about to start your tasks for the day, don’t start off by surfing your phone and checking updates. Remove your phone, your laptop, your search engines away from your desk and start working for 20 minutes on your first task, once it’s up you can either continue working or give yourself a 10-minute break. Continue to do this till all your tasks are done that need to be accomplished for the day. It’s sort of little a little bribe or free time to check your texts and life outside your desk and chores.
Bride Yourself: Nothing like a little motivation to kick yourself into gear, I do this a lot when I’m trying to get my butt to the gym. If I work out for an hour on the elliptical I can get a snack/treat on my way home from the cafeteria. We all need a little motivation, you might laugh but I’m that girl who puts the gummy bears on my textbook page to motivate me to keep reading. After all, 75 percent of your personal motivation comes from perceived reward.
Single – Tasks: Sometimes looking at my long list of to-dos alone stresses me out that I will never be able to finish the list, this week let alone get all things I want to do today. If you’re like me trying focusing on just one small task at a time and knowing that maybe not everything will get gone that needs to, but you accomplished one thing at a time. Then sitting there worried how you will accomplish them all.
Hopefully, some of my tips help, in saving you a couple days off I can do it later when it comes to studying this semester for finals.
Spreading Sprinkles & Sparkles,

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