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Stocking Stuffers

Hang your stocking and say your prayers because Santa Clause comes tonight, just a little under six more sleeps till Christmas. And I am already starting to freak out about what gifts to give and what I am going to give my family alone with what cookies I should be baking for Santa and when I am going to find time to wrap all these presents.

A few days ago, before I came home for the holidays, I posted a what’s on my Christmas list {here}, which had such a great turnout that I wanted to share some of my stocking stuffers ideas. These are also some great gift ideas for friends. Most of these items are super cheap but also very cute, and I think a stuffed stocking is such a cute gift idea to give to a friend.

I couldn’t help but share some adorable stocking from my favorite store, (Target). I honestly don’t think you had to guess very hard to figure that one out. I think these are just adorable, love these two faux fur stockings {Ivory & Brown}. Along with the knit stocking and classic wool one with the two pom-poms.

Stocking Stuffers.png

|| Boom Chicka Pop // M&M Candy Cane // Headphones // Makeup Brush {similar} // Blush Pallet {similar} // Makeup Bag // I’d Melt For You Mug // Hot Cocoa // Hand Sanitizers // Pepermint Bark // Tassel Charging Keychain ||

I am so excited that Christmas is almost here!

Spreading Sprinkles & Cheer!




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