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Happy 2017

This past year has been a wild ride if I had to say so myself, I survived my freshman year of college in one piece and I was crazy enough to go back and move into an Apartment with four of my best friends on campus.

I attended a Trump rally that was located just a mile down the road from campus.
I started this very blog this year, and I have to say it was the best decision I have ever made due to the friends and people I have met through it.

The friendships have grown closer to the ones I love the most, I have grown as an individual and as a person. New people came and went through my life only to strengthen me in the end.

The path out of 2016 wasn’t very smooth but it was full of life lessons as I started to work full time this summer as an official employee in downtown Detroit. I have grown my photography when I took multiple senior pictures and I have adapted to the dreaded change of moving home and moving back to campus.

This year was far from easy and the spring semester of my freshman year almost killed me, with the workload, the time commitment but somehow, I stuck it through and for some reasons manager to sign up again.
Here are a few of my favorite photos of the year:



My sister and my momma came to visit me for my birthday, and we went downtown  and got dinner and milkshakes.

I apologize for the break; school literally took over my life until I got out in May to the point that I couldn’t breath.


Memorial day when I cut my hair really short when I got back home and it also turned strawberry blonde due to the amount of Sun In I put in it because I wanted it blonde.


I made my first four layer cake, vanilla with strawberries special for my grandpa’s birthday, it would have tasted better if I didn’t forget the sour cream (ooops).



My family drove up to the Grandma’s house for the Fourth of July weekend, and we spend it Golf, making s’more (I could use some more right now) and I made these delicious strawberries with my grandma.


My piping and cookie skills are slowly improving and I decorate these two summer themed cookies. My mom found these cocktail napkins at Tj Maxx and said we had to have them.



Never to far away form the kitchen this summer and spending time with my grandparents we went to visit yet again, and my grandma shared her special cookie recipe with me.



I helped one of my roommates with her art project and brought my camera to document the moment.



A different roommate ( I have four roommates that live with me in our apartment). Her dog made a special visit homecoming weekend and spent the night with us.


The month of food, thanksgiving, pumpkin everything and homemade squash soup with a slow cooker (crock pot 😉 )




Another great Christmas in the books, I gave my brother the best gift, it’s just an empty box with a printed out SpongeBob picture of I couldn’t afford anything so I got you this box. He was super excited to open it because he didn’t know what was inside only to find this. (Don’t worry I also got him a real gift).

Spreading Sprinkles and Sparkles,




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