Sunday Funday

Happy Sunday y’all!

I thought I would change it up this morning, I am sipping my new hot tea for Pure Leaf, and enjoying the view of this 50 degree January weather in Pittsburgh, as I wait for the game to come on later this afternoon. I am not a born and raised Pittsburgh fan but it only seems fitting to cheer on the city of your school.

I thought about giving y’all a little life update on how things are going over here in the burgh. Sorry, I’ve been missing in action and I tackled the second week of school and now I am rounding the corner to the third week of this fifteen-week long semester. I have my countdown till summer going and I have approximately 103 days left till I will be full-fledged soaking up the summer sun, and my Sunday won’t be filled with homework, studying and updating my planner so I don’t miss assignments.

As I dream of really warm weather, this winter/spring January will have to suffice, and the warmth of this yummy tea. I was lucky enough to get sent this package from Pure Leaf and I couldn’t help but share it, I have been a coffee addict the last couple years and just recently started dabbling in teas and chai lattes. This tea is so good and has such a great flavor mix not to mention the cute little packaging they come in. I completely recommend this year to anyone who loves caffeine, you can find it on shelves at Target. And I think my next purchase is the Pure Leaf Chai tea. My favorite currently is the black tea with vanilla I just love the flavor.


I would like to take a moment to thank Pure Leaf and Influence for sending this product to me for free to test out here on my blog, and I absolutely love it.

Spreading Sprinkles & Sparkles,







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