20 for 20

Today I celebrate my 20th birthday and have been feeling nostalgic and excited all at once. I will no longer be a teenager, yet I am entering the best years of college and everything that my “twenties” will bring. During this past week, I’ve had the chance to look through my hard drive of pictures of my last 20 years, after my grandma had included a couple of old pictures of us together in my card. While doing this, I found some really cute, funny, and unbelievably happy photos that describe my favorite moments of my life so far– so I chose 20 of my favorites and am sharing them with you today!

  1. A great memory of just spending time outside with my grandma and my sister always causing trouble, and finding new adventures. I was always smiling at that age!


2. The first time my parents took me to the most magical place on earth I didn’t believe them until I experienced for the first time, but I was drawn in my the life size characters and Tiger who kept playing with my pigtails.


3. Nothing like getting your hands dirty and having a painting party for your birthday, I swear my mom still has my art project I made when I was celebrating my 5th birthday, I will have to thank my parents one day for all these crazy birthday parties they threw for me.


4. Nothing like having another sibling in the picture to help celebrate my 6th birthday in Kindergarten and my magical beast of a dog that’s hiding in the background I miss you Tingy even if it didn’t seem like it.


5. Something about being 7 years old and my love for Hello Kitty, so glad that I had all my friends and family over to help me celebrate. Boy do I miss those days.


6. My first birthday that I got to make the invite list, and I got to invite all my best friends to my fancy dinner and see a play.


7. Spending some quality one on one time with my parents, at my first hockey game to cheer on MSU Spartans to victory. The team was pretty good but rink food at Munn Area is so much better.


8. Spending some quality time up north with my grandparents house, as I caught the center of attention like always. All three of us were so cute back then.


9. If I could live at Disney I could, this would be my fourth time going to Disney. This would be my brother’s first time and he was obsessed with all the characters especially Pooh.


10. You will always be in my heart, and I miss you everyday, we went on Spring Break with my Aunt Kathy. You loved and shared passion for everything and I wish I could have spent more time with you. You ended up passing away a couple year after this picture is taken.


11. A night full of jumping with everyone in my fourth grade class is what every fourth grader wants right. This was such a great birthday that I got to spend with all my friends.


12. This will start my baking career, just the beginning to all the crazy creations I will soon make in the years to come, I still have my fingers crossed that my future entails a bakery run by me in it.


13. Babysitting my crazy neighbors, and one day in the spring we decided to go roller skating up and down the driveway as I took pictures with my new camera, and this might have been my favorite one. This was a great day.


14. Explore, and experiment and keep pushing forward. You couldn’t get the camera out of my hands and if you ever look at my mom’s computer you will find endless amounts of random pictures and “selfies”.


15. The best senior gift was going to Disney for Thanksgiving one last time while all of us still lived in the house. It’s crazy to think that I now live in college and go to school and hardly see my parents everyday. I really do miss that the most.


16. Dreams do come true under Cinderella’s castle if you ever have the chance to go to Disney World during Christmas time the lights and decorations are just breath taking.


17. I couldn’t stop laughing as we had a senior prom photoshoot. I wish my prom date drove this car to prom but we ended up taking a shiny white limo to prom. Senior prom was a blast with a great friend of mine.


18. The best decision I ever took was taking a leap of faith and going to senior prom with a guy I had gone to school with since the beginning. I had such a fun night dancing the night away. I loved this dress also.


19. Kayaking with my best friend, spending a summer day out on the lake just paddling away was the best time. I can’t wait to explore the world with you more. I am so glad you are my best friend.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

20. My college experience so far summed up in one picture of friends and family, the crazy ride we are all living together. Let the good times roll we will all get through it together.


Spreading Sprinkles & Sparkles,

Thanks for celebrating with me




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