Valentine’s Date Ideas

Hello February,

I am not exactly sure I am extremely excited to welcome you into my world or sad that January has already passed. The second semester of my sophomore year is already named to be crazy as I hustle from class to class and extracurricular activities. At least the good part about January was that it was the warmest January I have ever experienced in nineteen years. Pennsylvania went almost an entire month without snow in winter.

As we wrap up winter and head into another holiday not so lonely, I decided to share with y’all a couple date ideas for the month of February, especially with Valentine’s Day (Feb. 14). I am not cuffed up to anyone particular but if you do wanna share some love my way I wouldn’t mind a couple dozen pink roses, Dana’s Bakery macaroons or any type of fancy cupcakes.

February Date Ideas

  • Rent a special car for the night and go driving – If you haven’t checked out Turo you most definitely should, it’s an app that you are able to rent your car or rent someone else, and there are some pretty cool classic cars or super rare cars listed in my area that I can’t wait to rent and drive around downtown for a night
  • Spend the Night at a Trampoline Park – Nothing says like jumping around like kids for the night and getting out the giggles as you both jump into a pit of foam squares)
  • Go to an Indoor Go-Kart Park – because if you aren’t into jumping around then why not beat him in a little go kart race winner has to buy dessert
  • Go to an NHL Hockey Game – for the ultimate sports fans, get cheap tickets with your SO and have a ball yelling at the guys on the ice
  • Spend the Night at a Hotel for a Staycation – nothing screams more romantic when spending the night just the two of you alone, away from family, roommates and a getaway right now the road for a little adventure
  • Paint with a Twist with a Bottle of Wine – Slightly girly but a great way to laugh at each other’s painting skills plus you can be all sophisticated and drink wine at the same time

Dates Under $30 dollars

  • Order in Carryout Cuddle and Watch Netflix & Free Movies – umm because who doesn’t love cheap food, warm blankets when it’s snowing and a loving man to cuddle up with
  • Watch the Superbowl – Make it interesting and each of your side with a team and have a fun bet all through the entire game will Atlanta win or New England
  • Build a Blanket Fort – February is the month of turning back to little kids, I just think this would be a great way to spend a Saturday, laying on the floor in a fort watching a movie on your laptop
  • Go Ice Skating – A nice way to break some ankles, and fall on your butt a couple times to get a few good laughs in along with
  • Make Dinner Together (Master Chefs) – Nothing better than chopping next to your SO play some music and do a little singing as you bake a delicious dinner for two
  • Make cookies or Eat Cookie Dough if it Doesn’t Make it Into the Oven – We all know that cookie dough tastes better than cookies, and it’s okay if you end up eating all the dough while you wait for the oven to heat up, it’s all about the moment and the memories, not the raw eggs.

Hopefully, this was helpful in spicing up this month’s dates and ideas, these would be great for Valentine’s Day or with someone new next weekend. Sometimes movies and going out to dinner is fun but mixing things up for a change is a blast to get both of you out of your comfort zone for the night, share a couple memories you won’t forget.

Spreading Sprinkles & Sparkles,




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