To that Second Semester High School Senior

This is indeed the beginning of the end of what your life you have known for the last 18 years has been like, as you reach the homestretch of your high school days, your rounding third and only have months left till you will be miles away from home and all our friends you have grown up with since pre-k. This is the final semester of your childhood before you take on the world as a young adult all by yourself. You will be living with roommates without parental supervision looking over your shoulder 24/7. This time might seem like forever till you are on your own but trust me when I say it will fly by in an instant.
Live the fast few days with your friends because you might not spend half as much time with them ever again, cherish the little moments and hang out with as many friends as you can the summer before you leave for college. It’s going to be the most insignificant memories you’re going to miss the most. The spontaneous night with lifelong friends, or the thought provoking conversations with teachers. The bus rights home with teammates or the laughs shared with classmates. Make lots of moments and have a TON of fun.
Here are a couple tidbits of advice I gathered from my now washed-up-sophomore-in-college friends. Enjoy.
  1. The familiarity you’re feeling right now isn’t’ going to last that much longer. Enjoy it, love it.
  2. Work Hard (within reason)
  3. Have fun (also within reason)
  4. Go to Prom, it’s a once in a lifetime experience
  5. Go on Spring Break trip with your pals
  6. The petty stuff will not matter in four months, don’t waste your time
  7. Eat at your favorite restaurants as often as possible
  8. Spend time with your parents and siblings, you might actually miss them
  9. Enjoy your mom’s cooking, because the college cafeteria food is not the same
  10. Graduation day will be a great day, no matter how rainy or sad you are
  11. Actually, go to graduation, I tried to boycott it but I’m glad my parents forced me to go
  12. Take lots of pictures and videos
  13. Say hi to your crush, you never know what will happen
  14. Senior night will be a blast but also a little sad if this is the end of your athletic career.
  15. Laugh. At everyone, at everything.
  16. Attend your senior all night party this will be the last time everyone will be together and the senior picnic.
  17. Don’t waste your energy acting negatively towards other
  18. Write a letter to a teacher that changed your life, tell them to thank you
  19. Spend time with you pets, you will most definitely miss your dog … a lot
  20. Take one last lap through high school with your closest friends and share stories throughout the four years you all walked the halls
  21. There will be a lot of sad latest, but make this the most positive time in your life.
  22. Participate in all the senior activities such as water wars it only happens once
  23. There’s no reason you should wait on the waitlist
  24. Go to as many grad parties you possibly can
  25. It’s never too late to start something new try out for a spring sport, the spring musical or attend some club meetings.
  26. Apply for as many local scholarships as possible, broke you will thank you later
  27. The people you want to stay in touch with will
  28. Get a job over the summer! You will be happy when you don’t have to call your parents for money.
  29. Eat that piece of cake or donut …
  30. You will never look as skinny or small, don’t worry about calories now
  31. Sport your school with pride, wear your varsity jacket as much as possible and all your t-shirts, because it’s slightly frowned upon to wear them in college
  32. Enjoy those friendships that are strictly in-class-ask-for-homework-kind-of-friendships. Their expiration date is coming up quickly.
  33. Take a lot of pictures and videos you can never have too many.
  34. Don’t panic about finding the right dress for prom, if all else fails, borrow one it will save your wallet
  35. Don’t be ashamed if you decide to go to community college
  36. Go to as many school events as possible, basketball games, concerts, the spring musical.
  37. Losing sleep now it worth it, in the end, you might gain something better.
  38. Make your friends birthdays a big deal, it may be the last time you’re all together for it.
  39. Blast your favorite songs and drive around town with your best friends
  40. Have as many sleepovers as possible, and share a lot of stories.
  41. Talk to someone you never would’ve, strike up a conversation it might surprise you
  42. It’s okay to go random or pick a roommate out on Facebook, there are pros and cons to both
  43. Be carefully rooming with your best friend from home, the college you will be a little different than the high school you.
  44. Smile you are almost done with wake up at 6 am to make it to your 7:15 on time.
  45. Learn to pick vegetables, even when there’s a plate of fries in front of you.
  46. Go out of your way to say thank you to everyone who has touched your life for the better
  47. Regret literally nothing, no shame no gain, am I right?
  48. Leave Netflix for college, these things won’t be here tomorrow but an old episode of Gossip Girl will.
  49. College is awesome, but there is nothing like memories with your childhood best friend.
  50. Long story short, welcome to one of the best times of your life so far. Enjoy every single second.

Good Luck class of 2017, you are about to embark on a great journey these next couple of months. I am slightly jealous of what is to come for you and all the adventures and memories you are about to endure.

Spreading Sprinkles & Sparkles,




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