Evelyn Henson Prints

Happy Fri-YAY, I can’t believe that the semester is just a week away from being halfway over. It seems like just yesterday I was unpacking my bags from winter break dreading to have to come back to class and responsibilities wishing I had another week of break and another week spent with my family. Now we are about to round the second base of the semester. It’s crazy to think in less than 30 days’ spring will be here and in less than 80 days I will be home starting summer vacation.

I am officially done with winter no matter how many days are left on the countdown, even if it is a little chilly here I have been staying positive. I recently changed my laptop and iPhone background. I was scrolling through Instagram (Check It Out) when I ran into Evelyn Henson’s work and from there I just become obsessed with her bright water colored paintings and artwork. Evelyn paints everything herself and I just adore everything that she does. So, of course, I had to download some of her free paints and share them with you to help bright up y’alls’ day too.


Desktop | Phone | Twitter


Desktop | Phone | Twitter


Desktop | Phone | Twitter


Desktop | Phone | Twitter


Desktop | Phone | Twitter

My favorite one must be the new one she just posted that says get SHEEP done. If you wanna see more free downloadable prints, check them out here.

Spreading Sprinkles & Sparkles,




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