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be a mermaid and make waves || Mermaid Inspired Lookbook

Mermaid Inspired Products

I officially have a bad case of spring fever that is turning into island fever. I am getting way too excited about summer and the idea of being gold brown and tan along with the hot sun and light blonde hair. I got a double craving for salty ocean water, fish and flipping my fins. My first choice wouldn’t be a mermaid but I decided today to share some mermaid inspired products that are my favorite.
Tarte recently revealed their new line of spring products and I am in love with the vegan teeth whitening pen along with the vegan deodorant. So, in honor of a couple of my favorite new products, I decided to put together a collage of some mermaid inspired beachy products. Including this new bathing suit company in Hawaii called Sundaze Bikinis.
mermaid Inspiriation.png
There are a million fish in the sea but be a beautiful mermaid

I hope you enjoyed my inspiration board, and all these mermaid loves. If you have a theme that you would love to see let me know in the comments. Who else has spring and summer fever?!?

Spreading Sprinkles & Sparkles,




4 thoughts on “be a mermaid and make waves || Mermaid Inspired Lookbook

      1. You have one yourself? That’s awesome!! I might have to buy one for myself next winter; I love it. (I know it’s still technically winter, but it sure isn’t cold anymore!)


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