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Washington D.C. Recap

To wrap up my spring break by taking a little mini trip to Washington D.C. for the weekend. I was super excited to go visit our nation’s capital after last visiting in 8th grade with my school field trip in November. I was 13 and now finally going back at age 20 for some more exploring. We weren’t able to see much but I was able to see a few great memorials, a famous golfer, and some great local eats.
We drove on Thursday morning and it took us around 4+ hours to get into Washington from D.C. so I was able to spend most of the afternoon walking around and site see. My group walked past the World War II memorial, the reflection pool on our way to the Lincoln memorial. On the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, we ran into the 2016 Senior PGA winner Rocco Mediate. I wish we could have snapped a pic with him but instead, I got this cool photo of him holding his trophy he won in Virginia last year.
Image-1I HAVE A DREAM .jpg
We finished our day with a quick stop at shake shack for a milkshake before our Spy Museum Tour. The tour was very interactive and was similar to an escape room, were you actually became a spy and had to find the bad guys to save the United States Government. I really enjoyed the tour but for future reference, I would not take a group of 50 college students to it, I think that middle school age would enjoy it much better.
We ended the night at the hotel and just ordered good BBQ carry out from Rockland BBQ the mashed potatoes, broccoli salad and rolls were really good. (I am vegetarian, so I didn’t eat any of the meat.) After a long day of traveling and eating, I was out for the count and went to bed early.
Friday, we took a late start on the day and had a nice hotel breakfast, followed by a trip to D.C. And had lunch at this very cool post called Union Market. It was an old warehouse that was renovated into this hip eating spot that was very local and non-touristy. It allowed all of us to pick and choose from a ton of great choices, I loved the vegan cashew chickpea soup along with a spring roll filling with apples and sweet papaya. The food was delicious, they also had fresh meats and fishes for sale, a smoothie and acai bowl place, a bakery and ice cream. The food is a little more pricey than fast food but not over priced in a tourist fashion, you’re paying for high-quality food so it did not bother me.
Our trip didn’t travel much farther before we had to turn back and head back to campus. This weekend was a taste of D.C. and I am ready for more. I wish I could have spent all week exploring downtown and going to all the museums. I really want to go back and go through the new African American museum, and the Holocaust Memorial also.
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4 thoughts on “Washington D.C. Recap

  1. omg!! This is a total coincidence! When I was visiting the Lincoln Memorial, I the golfer on the steps and was wondering who it was. He was surrounded by a bunch of photographers and I know exactly what you are talking about! Crazy we were there at the exact same time! Glad you had a good trip!

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    1. OMG your kidding, he was standing on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial with this camera crew doing a photoshoot, and tour around the country. I ended up talking with one of his assistances that was carrying around his clubs. That actually really funny that we were in the same place at the same time, wish I was able to meet you!

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