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Lumineers Concert Attire

The gals and I are going out tonight, and we are seeing the Lumineers live in concert and I couldn’t be more than thrilled to get off campus. The concert is in downtown Pittsburgh so it will be a nice change of scenery from my normal night class. (And yes, I am skipping class please don’t tell my mom) To be able to get all dressed up, apply a little makeup and sing our lungs out to the sweet melody tonight. I bought my ticket a few weeks ago, and it seemed like today would take forever to get here, but here is it.
It’s been really chilly here in Pittsburgh, thankful we missed the big snow fall that was coming our way. I have been trying to find a good outfit for tonight so that I don’t freeze on my way to the concert but also so that I am not sweating to death once I get inside.
Here is my concert pick for the night:
Concert Outfit.png
A little prep with a few trendy pieces, I have been dabbling in a preppy boho relaxed look and I am really loving it.
Spreading Sprinkles & Sparkles,

4 thoughts on “Lumineers Concert Attire

    1. That one once of the best concerts ever I have seen, with all the different instruments they played and there voices sounded so good live, it wasn’t terribly fancy like a Katy Perry or Justin Bieber concert but the music sounded really really good!!

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