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Lumineer Concert

Last night hands down was one of the best nights I have had in a while, and I wish I could have relived it for just a couple more hours. Yesterday, I drove downtown to attend the Lumineer concert with some friends I have on campus. Most people know the Lumineers for the top hit song Hey Ho. Going into I had listened to most of their music through Pandora, I loved their music but was not a super fan, let me tell you within only a couple hours I was.

I went with an idea what would happen and left in love with a few found for great music, I would like to start off by saying everything sounded 100% better live. All the musicians were so multitalented it was crazy, from how pure their voice sounded to how talented they could play the numerous instruments. The violin, cello, piano, all types of guitar, and the singing was amazing. The way the band captured the audience, and the way they took a large room and made it such an intimate small setting.

Several times Wesley Schultz (lead singer) gave me chills when he spoke about what every song meant to him and how personal this was, for him and the band. This idea that they started off in small settings like coffee shops and are now playing sold-out areas venues is a crazy idea. I am still a little “star-struck” about the entire thing, going to that concert totally transformed me.

My outfit: Shirt (similar) | Jacket | Jeans | Shoes

If you love indie folk music, artists like Mumford & Sons, Cold War Kids, and Vance Joy then you will love them in concert. If I ever have the chance I would totally see them in concert again.
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