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Happy First Day of Spring

Happy first day of spring and even the weather seemed to want to cooperate and celebrate the first day of spring by warming up a little today from its normal windy cold days. Spring means so many fun things ahead, while I do enjoy the cold fall leaves of autumn there is just something about spring that makes me wanna shout, maybe it is because summer follows it in 46 days for this college student.

I am super excited for spring because it means warmer weather, dress weather (check out my dress guide), baseball is right around the corner and the sprouting of spring within the ground.

These are some old photos I took in my backyard my senior year of high school and though what a better day than to share them on the first day of spring. The growth of something little into something bigger, stronger and beautiful.


All today as I celebrated spring by getting a free cone at Dairy Queen, I was reminiscing about how much I have grown since last year, what I have learned blogging, finishing my first year of college and how much I have grown and matured as a person within the last year.

This time last year I was lost and was writing this blog to pass time until summer, and now I am celebrating every day and every opportunity I have. I have grown this blog and I will continue to grow the blog, grow my photography and writing skills as well as a person. I am so excited for this journey and the road that I am headed on, and it is so amazing to have the ability to look through old posts and pictures. Sometimes it’s sad but also happy because it happened and I lived through it and I just keep peddling forward. If you have ever thought about vlogging or blogging I would highly suggest it, there is no time like the present, and I just wish I started sooner. Deciding to blog has changed my life, and I am so glad I decided to put myself out there, even if it is one baby step at a time.

Thanks for listening to me ramble today, if you have any blog post suggests please leave them in the comments.

Spreading Sprinkles & Sparkles,




5 thoughts on “Happy First Day of Spring

  1. Happy Spring! πŸŒ·πŸ’— I know I’m a day late lol, but today has been such a nice spring day, as well – although it’s felt more like summer! I was walking around our zoo all afternoon and I was getting really hot haha; I should’ve worn shorts!

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    1. I am in love with this summer like weather that is happening, its like the earth and weather finally agreed it is time to warm up for a couple months. I am so jealous you were able to walk around the zoo, it’s one of my favorite places!

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      1. I’m enjoying the warm weather, as well! I hope it sticks around. I just need to dress more appropriately next time I go outside, haha. Yeah, our zoo is pretty great! I’ve been to different zoos, but Zoo Atlanta will always be my favorite. What zoo do you like to go to?

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