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Blair Waldorf’s Best Outfits

Happy Wednesday Upper Easter Siders, I thought I would change things up today with something special. Every true Gossip Girl fan has wanted to raid the closets of the famous Serena Van Der Woodsen & her partner in crime Blair Waldorf. From Serena’s casual take on her private school uniform to Jenny’s homemade designs, GG’s style game is up there with the likes of Sex & The City and The Nanny. The series Gossip Girl has had me glued to more than just the plot line.

Of course, Queen B took some hefty fashion forward risk back when the show erred in the fashion world that totally paid off, so today we pay tribute to the classic and outstand outfits B put together. That inspired my stand and outlook on fashion.
Take a look at some of Queen B’s most adorable looks from the show:

She has a way of taking a vintage style and turning it new, again with this timeless piece, of elegance and grace.
I don’t know anyone better to be able to rock a cheetah print dress, and a hat like that!
Blair had the bold daring to wear what she wanted, including this bright orange and yellow, yellow shirt and bright yellow blouse, with neon orange heels and hand bag.
Dressing up her average private school skirt and button up to make a statement, her headband game was on point way before headbands were ever a thing.
Sophisticated and elegant, she took the work life and the office game to the next level, turning a boring outfit to the best on you have ever seen. You go B!
The only girl I know to be able to pull off double prints in the middle of spring and make it look fabulous. (I love this clear umbrella)
Queen B took a lot of risks, with her wardrobe and choices, and this one might get a little bit of hate but is one of my favorite outfits. She takes preppy and style to a whole new level, thanks for influence my closet.

“Fashion is the most powerful art there is. It’s movement, design, and architecture all in one. It shows the world who we are and who we’d like to be.”

– Blair Waldorf


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5 thoughts on “Blair Waldorf’s Best Outfits

  1. Great post! I know I’m years behind on this, but I just started watching GG on Netflix and I’m instantly obsessed. I read all the books and heard the show isn’t similar at all which is a bummer, but the fashion is amazing!

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    1. If I owned just a quarter of any of the characters closet on this show I would be set, I too didn’t start watch it till maybe two years ago on Netflix and was instantly hooked! It only took me a couple months to finish the entire series

      Liked by 1 person

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