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25 Habits to Start Today

It’s a bright and sunny Wednesday, and it’s just warm enough for me to crack open my bedroom window in my apartment. I love the spring because it’s a nice cool breeze and lots of April showers before the bugs really start to get you.

As I am sipping my caramel iced coffee and thinking about finals, and my endless summer plans, how I am going to get my body into bikini shape and every other item that flier through my mind; I took a second to realize that how my life has been changing and how happiness has crept in and out of my mind constantly. Today I wanted to share with y’all 25 things I have included recently that has made me a little bit happier every day.

1.    Journaling – Write down as much as possible
2.    Drink More Water – your body will thank you later when you are hydrated
3.    Go to Bed Earlier –  Nothing is good about getting no sleep in college
4.    Think Positive
5.    Read More – Books, Magazine, Newspaper, Online Articles
6.    Make To – Do Lists
7.    Face Your Fears – You spent all this time worrying about someone that wasn’t so scary, I have a lot of fears but you just have to take baby steps.
8.    Try Something New – You might just find a new love or passion out of it
9.    Stop Procrastinating – don’t put things off
10.    Practice Yoga – I loved to practice a flowing vinyasa, it has relieved to much stress from school
11.    Listen to Music
12.    Become Vegetarian –  eat more fruits and vegetables, since switching to a protein and plant based diet removing as much diary and bad carbs I have felt so much better with myself and my body
13.    Exercise Regularly (more) – get your blood flowing, I have been obsessed with going to the gym on campus and listening to music, gives me a chance to let my inner 80’s rock girl out while pounding out a couple miles on the bike
14.    Learn Something New – I feel so satisfied with myself after learning a new skill in blogging, or just in school right now in my classes
15.    Dream More
16.    Spend Time with Family – this is hard since I live 4 hours away from home, but making the effort to call home and sometimes FaceTime my family once a week I feel so much for connected
17.    Try New Foods – you only live once, and you never know till you try it!
18.    Meet New People
19.    Spend Time Outside
20.    Take Time to Relax – Spend a little time in bed, it won’t hurt you. Recently I have been on the nonstop go and being able to spend an hour or so being able to relax has been extremely nice.
21.    Wake Up and Hour Earlier – I really have been enjoying the mornings that I can have a little time to myself before the busyness of my day starts to take over. I love to drink my coffee in peace before everyone else wakes up.
22.    Don’t Spend Time Obsessing – I have a really hard time focusing on the little things in life, then on the big picture. It occupied my time and space and the less I am focusing on it the better I am all around
23.    Set Goals for Yourself – The feeling of accomplishment it so gratifying
24.    Realizing Nothing Last Forever – The pain you feel is only temporary, the score you got on the last test isn’t going to mean much in 5 years, the heartbreak will eventually resolve, college isn’t going to be here forever either is the girls that are bullying you in the halls. Take it one day at a time, because the next day, week or month might be different.
25.    Follow Your Dreams – You’re never too young to do what you want, I am just realizing that now. Just because you are in college, or high school or this or that does not mean you can’t follow your dream.

Spreading Sprinkles & Sparkles,




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