Open Letter To That High School Senior in Their Last High School Season,

To That High School Senior in Their Last High School Season,

To that senior in her last season, why now you have already started playing games, and some days you’re waiting for it all to end, you’re waiting to graduate and leave behind everything in the small town you grew up in and enter the big world of college. Don’t rush the process because you don’t want to miss out on the best parts of high school including being with your team. Trust me when I say it will go faster than you think. Don’t miss practice, because in a couple weeks you don’t even have the practice to be able to miss you won’t be able to wear your jersey to class, and you won’t be able to see your teammates in the hall.
The last season of long bus rides, including the cheering and singing to the most popular song that plays on the radio. Endless laughs and giggles as you share countless hours at practices, warming up for games and team dinners. You have a bond with your teammates that can’t be shared or broken. A bond most people will never experience. The shared hatred for your cross-town rival, and this burning fire inside you to be the first team in history to beat them.
No one else understands the pain of the sprints at the beginning of practice or the time you spend at the softball field for hours on end, you spend your entire weekend at the diamond after warming up and playing a doubleheader with the gals. Not everyone is lucky to have must opportunity and skill set to be a high school athlete, and from that select, few only less than a handful will become college athletics, and maybe a couple will pay to be club athletes in college.
In the end, this is the last time that little girl inside you has an opportunity to play for her school, that girl inside you that fell in love with the game at a young age or picked it up her freshman year of high school. That little girl inside you wants to make the best out of her last season as a student-athlete at one of the most competitive stages before college.

This is might be the beginning of the end of your days of being able to be called a student-athlete, your days of wearing a jersey and being with girls that share the same passion for a game that is played on a field, a court or a diamond. For the lucky few your athletic career might be extended for four or even five more years (red shirts), but for the rest of the team, this might be the last season for doing both before college. So hopefully you play out every game with your heart on that field, and your colors on your sleeve, because high school comes only once.

Spreading Sprinkles & Sparkles,


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