Everything Whale Be Alright

Making waves and making splashes this Monday, its finals week so let’s say I am jam packed with studying and should have spent the entire weekend in the lib (library) but time got a little away from me when my mom and grandma came down to visit. Well, Oh Whale I didn’t get to study but I have spent the majority of today, but with the excitement of summer, I decided to share some of my favorite whale’s inspired board.


Tumbler Cup | Tail Necklace | Pool Floaty | Essie Nail Polish Bikini So Tiny (Blue) & Borrowed and Blue (Green) | Tarte Mascara | Concealer | Bronzer | Striped Whale Pillow | Tote Bag | Bottle Opener | Coffee Mug | Rain Boots | Sundaze Bikini Bottoms |Greeting Cards | Tea Brewer | Bookends | Braided Bracelet | Makeup Bag | Baseball Hat | Tie Dye Bikini | Vineyard Vines T- Shirt

I’ve done a couple of these boards, if you have a request for what kind of summer inspirited lookbook board, please leave it down in the comments. Happy Monday!!

Spreading Sprinkles & Sparkles,




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