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How to Spice Up Your Desk || Preppy Office Décor

How to make a stuffy office or cubical your own.

If you work in a place anything like mine you are confined to your computer and desk chair and sometimes a couple of boring gray walls. Don’t let the office life keep you from celebrating color and happiness, there is so much you can add to bring a little sparkle and shine to everyday office life.

Here are a few of my favorites that I have taken into work with me to brighten up the 9-5 office job:
Preppy Desk Essentials.png

Gold Scissors | Bow Paper Clips | Girl Boss Name Plate | Lilly Pulitzer Note Pad | Le Pens | Memory Box | You Got This Mug | Monogram Acrylic Pen Cup | Lilly Pulitzer Planner | May Designs Desk Calendar | Pen Cup | Gold Polka Dot Tape & Stapler | Magazine Holder

Don’t forget your desktop background, currently Ashley Brooke Designs as multiple bright preppy desktop backgrounds you can download free on her page. I currently have the Create Your Own Sunshine in gold as my background. I think this one is absolutely gorgeous too! If you are looking for a good planner Emily Ley just released her 2017 – 2018 planners today! Check those out before they are gone.

My other tip to make your intern and office life job go a little smoother, I bring my own K-cups to work with my favorite flavor and brand of coffee (currently obsessed with hazelnut coffee from Tj Maxx and a couple of bags of my favorite tea, no matter how rough my day is going I know I can sip my favorite drink out of some adorable cute mugs with great inspiration.

Spreading Sprinkles & Sparkles,

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