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Tips to Traveling on a College Budget

I wanna travel the world, and who doesn’t but it’s kind of hard when you have a limited budget, and let’s be real a very slim (crack open that pink piggy bank your grandma gave you when you were five) budget. I was lucky enough to have the funds to plan one vacation/excursion trip this summer; this including the fact that I was missing a week’s worth of income to pay for school during the semester. I decided to put some tips together to share how I saved a few pennies when it comes to planning a trip.


1.Select Your Destination Carefully

Depending on your location and time of year changes drastically. In Europe, $100 might not get you very far in one day but travel to a country in Asia or South Africa and it could stretch you all week long. Along with not letting airfare and flights, beat you up. Some unpopular location flights might cost a little extra but in the end, the entire trip might be a little cheaper. Looking for adventure but on a serious budget do a road trip with a gal pal and do a little exploring.

2.Be Smart When Booking Your Flights

Search Flights Through (Yes, I just used this to look up flights for my upcoming trip then went to the airline and booked it through them). Traveling during the week, it was far cheaper to fly out Tuesday Morning and fly home Tuesday night than a flight on Friday-Monday. Just because you’re booking your flight on a weekday doesn’t mean it’s always going to be cheaper, it also depends on the time you book your trip. With the cookies these days, if you are searching for a particular flight on multiple sites for a couple days in a row, your computer picks that information up and as a result, the price will be more similar, as the airlines are price matching (Tip to Prevent This).


3.Staying In Less Expensive Locations

A great way I have used to save money on lodging is to stay in an Air B-N-B rentals, sometimes the best places are your new home away from home. Finding locations off the beaten path that are right outside the city or tourist location is a lot less expensive plus you are soaking in more culture. A lot of college students on study abroad trips have boasted about staying in Hostels and how much money they saved.

4.Alternative Transportation

If you are seriously on the budget, do your best to take public transportation over hailinga cab or calling up an Uber. Taking public transportation like the bus, subway train or even a city bike as be fun and save you a portion of your dough for the day. Don’t spend a ton of money where there doesn’t need to be.

5.Plan Your Trip Out Ahead of Time

Planning your trip out ahead of time might save you a bundle from trying to book last minute, this can and cannot be true. My best advice is to have a plan but as my friends are telling me sometimes the cheapest options are the ones that are last minute like booking a plane ticket the night before due to the low number of passengers. I would say for the most part planning will save you, credit card fees and ATM fees along with some hotels offering deals during holidays and booking in advance.

6.Know When to Splurge and When To Save

Don’t settle for something you don’t want and don’t need, plan ahead of time what you want to spend your money on for the week. Maybe it’s on a fancy tour or a helicopter ride when planning some less expensive or free trips. I have already planned out several hikes and excursions that are basically free, and have left most of my money for my food. As a personal option I would rather spend my money on fancy smoothies and acai bowls, and desserts, while spending most of my day in different coves going hiking and visiting some natural landmarks that are free that you can look up online. It helps to have a budget going in, if you don’t have a set budget then its very easy to start spending money on excessive things that weren’t planned.

Hopefully some of these tips can help when planning your next trip. I would love to hear your plans for the summer, have any trips planned?

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