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What’s In my Carry-on Personal Item | Travel Photographer

I plan on not checking any luggage and bringing a backpack and a carry-on suitcase with my clothes for the week. So this would be my personal item that I plan on putting under my seat. There is what I plan on putting in my camera backpack for the flight.


Backpack/Camera Bag || I plan to shoot a lot of videos will on vacation and this is the perfect bag to fit my camera, a couple of lenses my laptop and a few things for my flight. This bag will be great because I can still bring a carry-on and just stick this under my seat.

Camera Gear || I will be bringing one body, with is my Rebel Ti4 along with two or three lenses, I will for sure be bringing my new 24mm lens, along with the 50mm lens and maybe the kit lens. I want to shoot a lot of videos so I will also be bringing my GoPro but it is not crucial that I have it in my personal item.

Snacks || I will be bringing tons of snacks since my two flight are a little over 11 hours I will definitely need snacks especially on the 8-hour flight from Dallas. I am currently have been craving Goldfish and Cheese-Its but I will be stocked with protein bars and mess free snacks. I currently am loving the Luna chocolate covered coconut it tastes like a candy bar.

Headphones || I don’t have a ton of room so my apple headphones will have to do for this trip, even though I love to travel with my Beats headphones they just won’t be making the cut. These aren’t bad headphones, and I don’t mind them too much.

Laptop || I will keep you guys updated as best I can when I am gone next week (no promises), I am not sure how much access to wifi I will have while I am gone, but will need it to download my photos so I can have clear memory cards for the entire trip. Which means I will be bringing one of my portable hard drives with me. I have a Spectre which I have been using since my freshman year of college and absolutely love it. This will also be great for watching Netflix movies on the flight with the new downloadable feature, you don’t need wifi to watch. Don’t forget your charger, I might stick this in my suitcase.

Jacket || I am going to need a windbreaker/ rain jacket when I am there due to the high altitudes when climbing and the rain, so I will be wearing it but it also rolls up pretty tight so I will be keeping it in my backpack just in case I want to wear it.

Portable Charger || It’s going to be an extremely long day of flying, and no matter how much I try to not use my phone and save the power and have it on low power mode, the battery will eventually die. This has been an extreme lifesaver when I am traveling on the road, my parents bought me one for Christmas and has held up well and works great.

Wallet (similar Kate Spade) || I will bring a wallet, and this is the one I have been using. It’s my favorite summer wallet, I purchased it three years ago in Maui when I was visiting, and now am going back with the same wallet. Looking forward to hopefully replacing it with something new.

Passport || I won’t be out of the country but I always like to take it whenever I am flying as a second form of Identification, I will be carrying my id with me but I would rather be safe than sorry, especially since we are flying outside of the territory. Of course, add a little style to your passport with any of these covers by Kate Spade.

Sunglasses || My go-to pair is this rose gold pair of mirrored aviator Ray-bans I purchased before my trip to Mexico this winter. I love the color and the look of the mirrored lenses and I think the shape looks great on my face.

iPhone & Charger || I seriously can’t go anywhere without my phone, and who could now of days. So, of course, my little buddy, packed with entertaining games and music is going to be a trusty companion on my travel days and charger.

Book || I am debating if I want to bring any books with me, even though I love to read and would have ample amount of time while stuck on the plane I am not sure if I want to bring any with such limited amount of room I will have.

Water Bottle || Fights are super dehydrating and you need water, and who wants to pay $5+ dollars on just a bottle of water, I always bring a bottle in empty and fill it up once I get through TSA. My current favorite is this Que bottle that folds up when you have no water in it.

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10 thoughts on “What’s In my Carry-on Personal Item | Travel Photographer

    1. Me too, I seriously can never read enough advice and travel blogs, I always like to read how I can do something better, or something I don’t think of to bring or do! Your a huge inspiration for my current travel bug.


  1. I personally love being able to bring a book on the plane, just because I usually have a few hours, but I agree, sometimes it’s a bit tough to balance out the right amount of room.

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