My Favorite Summer Podcasts

My Favorite Summer Podcasts

This summer I have been seriously craving podcasts and have been listening to them a lot. For the longest time, I really didn’t see (hear, lol)  why everyone was raving about podcasts. I just didn’t understand what is so great about them, till I spent the week in Hawaii and was forced to listen to a Chicago based entrepreneur podcast series for hours with my cousins as we drove all over the Big Island. I realized how much I could learn and gain from hearing other people experience in the workforce and in the craft that I would someday like to pursue out of college, whether it be blogging or finance. After coming home, I couldn’t help but do a little research and now I am seriously hooked.

I now listen to podcasts driving to and from work every morning along with while I am working at home, running or doing housework. There is so much you can gain from just listening to someone else talk and share their story. I am so glad that I live in an age where storytelling isn’t dead and that we are able to hear all these stories that can help us grow and make us better people. These are a few of my current favorite.

Munchin With Moguls | Alexa Jorgenson

The Laptop Lifestyle | Alexis Teichmiller

The Balanced Blonde | Jordan

Goal Digger | Jenna Kutcher

Hey Girl | Bethany Needham & Jenn Parker

Your Kick Ass Life Coaching | Andrea

#GirlBoss Radio | Sophia

I am obviously new to podcasts so if you have a really good one that falls under a business, blogger or photography I would love to hear it! I also have been such a bookworm lately and have been just burning through books. If you have any books suggestions please leave them below and I just am getting into GoodReads and would love to add you all as friends.

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