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How To Make Money Before You Leave For College

Every college student around the country is either packing their bags and or already unpacking their bags at their new college home. If you are already at school or getting ready to leave here are a couple tips on how to make a little extra cash before you leave for college.

1. Sell Your Old Clothes on Mercari or Poshmark

Sell old clothes in your closet and things around your room and house you haven’t used in a year or so, post them online and let the likes and offers to start rolling in. Each site is super easy to use and pretty soon that old sweater you don’t wear anymore in $10 dollars in your bank account you can now spend at Chipotle. Mercari even emails you the shipping label, all you have to do is find a box and tape on the lab and drop it off to your nearest post office or order a pick up right from your porch.

2. Trade-In on Amazon for a Gift Card

Have old college textbooks laying around your house, a book you haven’t picked up since your freshman year final. What about that PS3 game you haven’t played since you got the new PS4, and the e-reader you just had to have and then realized you actually enjoyed flipping the pages of a real book. Amazon has created this amazing program where it allows you to trade in old items, they post the appraisal price, if you agree with that price you can send it in for free, (no shipping fees) they make sure it’s too standard quality and then you earn an Amazon Gift Card to purchase something you might actually use. If the product it’s in line you can either earn what they think it is worth or have the item shipped back for no cost. It’s serious that simple and I have already made $400+ dollars in Amazon gift cards to purchase anything on their website, old video games turned into money going towards a new tv. Old camera gear is now going towards a new body and lens. I seriously recommend this especially when selling back textbooks you earn twice as much as you would if you sell them back to the campus bookstore.

3. House Sit For Your Neighbor

How easy is getting someone’s mail for the week and water plants or making sure there is food in the cat bowl. I recently house sat for my neighbors for a week and earned the easiest $20 bucks doing less than an hour for the entire weeks worth of work. No better time to offer up your services especially with the end of summer coming up and some last minute trips out of town can seriously score you a little extra change in your wallet before you leave for campus.

4. Roll Your Piggy Bank

It’s time to crack out the piggy bank and roll your change into cash, just the other day I dumped out my mason jar of change onto the floor of my bedroom to roll $3 of pennies, $10 of dimes, and $4 of nickels. I had $17 dollars right there it’s serious that simple if you belong to any major banks including but not limited to Chase, PNC, Bank of America and a few others they offer coin sleeves for free along with they will cash as much of your change as you want. Also if you are a member a lot of new banks have coin counters available to use. If not a member most bank will accept around $20 of your rolled coins at most major banks. Feeling lazy take it to your local grocery store where they will count your coins for you for a percentage of your piggy. Either option turns those pointless pennies into a couple iced coffee from your favorite coffee shop.

5. Do Some Chores Around Your House

Okay, this one needs a little explaining, if your parents are like mine they stopped giving you allowance at like age 15 and told me if I actually wanted money I needed to get a job. Which at age 16 there were a couple places in town that would hire with a work permit, but there were still ways to earn a little extra money around the house. If you parents are looking to hire someone offer to do the services yourself for a little bit lower than the price that they are quoted. I love to carpet clean my house, and I can make a pretty good profit after renting a cleaner from HomeDepot or Lowes. Inquire about painting the house, lawn work or carpet cleaning. It’s pretty laborious but it’s more than nothing.

I hope this can score you a few extra bucks in your wallet before you leave for the semester. If you have any other ways to earning money please don’t hesitate to leave an idea in the comments because I would love to hear them.

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