How I Doubled My Pageviews Last Month

Sometimes hard work does pay off, but I have no been blogging for a year and a half, and I have to say I hadn’t put in a lot of extra work to these posts, and I didn’t post my max number of posts like I usually do. I increased my daily traffic going from 10 views all the way up to 50+ views a day including breaking my maximum number of views in a day 3 times last month. I haven’t changed my quantity or quality of my posts but I have stepped up my social media game and I think you should too and here is why.


pizza margherita (5)


Instagram – As many people like to think Instagram might just disappear someday, I feel like it just keeps growing and growing. With the new abilities, Instagram is stealing all of Snapchat’s glory and making it super easy for business and bloggers to get their content out there. Within the last month, I have posted several times on my Insta story and have reached so many more followers. Within the last two months, I have gained 200+ new followers and it keeps growing daily. The potential for larger traffic volumes is there if you are using the right resources and the right tactics. And I can’t wait to use what I have learned in full force and see how much I can grow within the next couple of months to end the year.

Pinterest – I seriously have been struggling with how to grow and manage my Pinterest to increase my volumes. I have several of my posts pinned on Pinterest with little to no pins on any of them except myself. After reading several articles and doing my own research I realized I was doing it all wrong. My Pinterest page has been my personal which had evolved into my blog. I have boards that irrelevant to my blog, I have content thrown almost everywhere and it looks like a hot mess. I have been spending the time to clean it up in hopes of growing my following. I also had my pins saved in folders what wouldn’t attract any repins. I had everything saved on a blogging folder instead of saved in a folder that would better suit the topic I had pinned about. I was also pinning objects that weren’t pinned friendly and I am now going back and updating a lot of old articles and I am starting to see traffic on really good posts that I spent a ton of time on that never got any views when it first went live.

Consistency – I am still working on this but once I found a schedule of posting around 5 times a week Monday-Friday I found that I would have a consistent flow of reads following each post. If I even went as far as to schedule a set time and pre-post these I might even see a further increase in my number, lets say I were to post 3 times a week with a set schedule of my post to go live at 6 am on those days I would be consistent when it came to when my readers knew when to love on it see a post.

Marketing – Some fancy business term but I have to say once I started marketing my posts on Instagram, and doing Instagram stories about my posts my traffic did start to increase, while I did see a ton of change within the month I can’t actually pinpoint which of these steps while work for you if not implementing all of them. But without the right marketing, the right title and the right image no one will ever find you or click on your post.

Keep in mind the endgame of this all, which is to produce high-quality content and grow an audience that is willing to come back to your page every time you post to read and engage in it. You won’t go very far if you only land a one hit wonder and then people exit your blog and never click on it again. It’s all about building a relationship of trust with your readers because high numbers now mean nothing later.

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