Coffee Chit + Chat | No. 3

Another month has passed, and I can’t believe I only have one more week of classes until finals, boy has this senior year flown by, before I know it I gonna blink and be at graduation. I am super excited for one of my favorite holidays and months out of the year, let’s bring on all the holiday spirit and cheer!

For a recap of November, not much happened that was out of the normal, lot of school homework and projects. I went home for a week to celebrate Thanksgiving which was really nice and a week full of working, relaxing and eating. Lots of Black Friday & Cyber Monday shopping, and I am preparing for Christmas and Blogmas (yes I am attempting Blogmas once I again, and really have this planned out not to fail).

Final Projects
I have been on a non-stop grind when it has come to homework and project this semester has been an easier but also harder semester for me. It’s been a lot more homework and work including endless projects but the work hasn’t been extremely hard and the tests have been delightfully easy. I have been taking a lot of excel classes so from sports statistics to the arbitrage of financing currency from different countries this has been an enjoyable semester.

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Film Photography
As an elective from my business degree, I took a class I have been dying to take once I got to college and found out that my school has their own dark room. The photography nut inside of be was so excited to purchase film and printing paper and get down to work. This past week I shot my final project and it’s bittersweet to know in just a week my film photography career will end. 15 weeks long, 13 rolls and 100 prints later I feel like a more cultured and vintage soul for going back to photography basics and learning how to develop and print my own photos.

Thanksgiving & Family
This year I wasn’t able to cook Thanksgiving as I planned, and instead, my family went up north to visit my grandparents, and my grandma would not let me step foot into the kitchen unless I was on clean up crew, so not much cooking came from me that week. Like I said before I did a lot of work, a lot of time spent on homework and quite a few hours working on future blog posts, which I am so excited to show you guys in the coming months. There was a ton of Black Friday shopping, and my biggest purchase of the week was a pair of high-rises Madewell Jeans. I always overlooked them because of the price tag but boy does these bad boys feel great and stretch in all the right places, I got so lucky into picking up a pair, and I eve might buy a second pair soon.

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That’s all the updates from me, thanks so much for sticking around and looking forward to a fun-filled December ahead.



How to Prep for Finals

My Sprinkle of Prep headers (15)

It’s almost finals week and boy is the stress starting to set in, instead of pulling that all night in a week that these steps to be a little less stressed for finals this semester and set yourself up for success.

To-Do List
Make your to-do list today and stick to tackling an item a day, my worse thing I can do is mentally say hey I only have to do three things and put it off till a different day. Things in college add up at the last minute and the worst things that could happen is you get sick or you forget about that basketball game you have to go to. Make a list and slowly work your way down it so you aren’t cramming to write your 5-page paper and study for a final in the same night.

Get Ahead
If you are anything like me getting ahead is your best friend for staying stress-free during finals, start anything you can as early as possible. This year over Thanksgiving break I start a few of my final projects instead of waiting till I come back. Setting myself up for success allows me to relax and watch Christmas movies at night instead of working on a PowerPoint or Paper due at midnight.

Do things in Chunks
Everything doesn’t always have to get done right away as long as your start them early enough even if you do a little bit in each project or assignment it’s better than holding off. On days I don’t feel like studying or I feel as if my brain cannot retain the information I spend at least 30 minutes looking over. You don’t need to waste hours of your day if you don’t feel it, but the more you look over it while drinking your coffee in the morning or going over it in your head in the shower, is way more productive than the last minute cram session and you will retain more information for the test.

Reward Yourself
This might just be me but I need a little reward every once in a while, my best reward was spending a little money on myself during Black Friday as long as I got pretty far in my final projects over Thanksgiving Break. Instead of spending all my time sleeping or just watching endless movies if I had taken a good start on my final projects I was gonna reward myself with some much needed new clothes for the Holidays.

Finals will be here before we know it so doing just a little everything helps so much when it comes to acing and also being a lot less stressed during finals. Do you have any tips for college finals, if you do don’t hesitate to leave a comment below I would love to hear them?


What I Eat in a Day | College Vegetarian

As a vegetarian that lives on campus and has to have a meal plan, it can become hard to come up with new creative choices once you have dried out the usual options of mac & cheese, pizza and the salad bar at your school cafeteria. I have gotten a couple requests and thought I would share some ideas about what I like to eat during the school year.

I have been vegetarian for a little over three years now and have learned ways to find great foods, asking for things without the chicken or getting creative.

I have been starting most of my days with getting a bagel from the coffee shop/deli we have on campus, I also purchase an avocado because we have a small fresh produce section. I bring both back to my apartment and make avocado toast on a bagel along with brewing a cup of coffee with our Keurig. If I am crunched for time I will usually go for a vegan protein bar or just a granola bar for breakfast.

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For lunch my go to had been either something lighter so usually an apple or banana with peanut butter, my mom sent fresh apples from the orchards in Michigan weekly during the fall semester. Or I have been going towards easy Mac cups, along with something a little carrot and hummus.

For dinner I have been going to the cafeteria for an actual meal with my meal plan, so I like to go to the rice bowl station and order either a hummus bowl that does not have any meat in it or I will get a Mexican one and ask for double the black beans and no chicken or bacon in it.

I also enjoy the pasta station, where you can dress up your own pasta which means hand me all those veggies on a bowl of penne, it’s delicious and between this night and the night, they serve Mexican has to be my favorite.

My current favorites are ordering a quesadilla on Taco Tuesday without any meat inside and asking for a double serving of black beans for protein (p.s. They never will charge you extra for asking for more vegetables at any place you go too, even Chipotle). They also recently started to serve tofu as a meat option and it’s great.

If I am making dinner in my apartment my favorite go-to meal for the fall, which is super easy to meal prep on Sundays is quinoa bowls, so I will cook a bag of quinoa and add black beans, corn, salsa and sometimes avocado. It’s the perfect vegan dinner that’s easy to make, and also easy to reheat making great leftovers.

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If I want something more on the cheating side of things, I will make a box of mac and cheese but I love to spice things up with either, corn or avocado mix in. It might sound weird but tastes so good together.


Summer Bucket List Recap

As I wrap up summer and started my senior year of classes this week, I wanted to do share a recap of my 2018 summer bucket list. Highlight some of my favorite memories and moments this summer and share some memories. I didn’t get to accomplish everything on my list but I am super proud of what I did accomplish.


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One thing I am so proud of accomplishing is not only obtaining an internship but actually having two and learning so much this summer through both. I was really anxious about going into the summer without one and then given the opportunity to work at two amazing companies. I gained so much experience before I graduate and I was so lucky to have two amazing opportunities.

Along with my internship, I splurged a little this summer as I expanded my professional wardrobe and closet. I had to look the part, so I had a little shopping trip to the J. Crew Factory outlet. You can see all my internship picks on my blog post about the essential pieces I wear to work each week. I picked out so many great pieces that were used for numerous outfits.

I also got to cross off berry picking, I added to my summer bucket list but it was also on my 101 in 1001 list. I have really wanted to do this for a long time and was given the opportunity to go blueberry picking it was amazing. The blueberries have never tasted so sweet and delicious. You could say I was just smiling from ear to ear and jumping all over the place as I handpicked them.

There were definitely plenty of ice cream cones and sprinkles to go around this summer, and enough evidence of sprinkles in my car to show as proof. Something about vanilla custard or ice cream with bright colored sprinkles is my favorite.

As for my museum trip of the summer, I got to go back in time and walk around Greenfield Village this summer. I haven’t been there in ages and it was like things hadn’t changed … much. It was so much fun and was the perfect day to watch old-time baseball, going through houses and learning about Michigan and American history. Would totally recommend if you visiting or in the area, I wrote an entire blog post on my experience. I also got to walk around the Pittsburgh Botanical Gardens when I came to visit this summer, and that was super fun to take in all the fresh air and flowers.

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Last but not lease to finish off the summer I went to my schools annual back to school party for the last year, and nothing beats ending the summer by sitting on the hill watching some amazing fireworks with some of my best friends from college.

I am so sad summer vacation is finally over and I am already a week deep into my senior year. On the bright side, I am so excited for the new memories to be made this semester, and friends and last night studying and all the fun that comes along with the last year of college. What are you excited about now that the school year has started?


What I Wish I knew My Freshman Year of College

As college is right around the corner, and it is already August I wanted to share a few of my tips and things I wish I knew before starting my freshman year of college. Some of these things you might have heard before, and some you might not have I tried to sum up the things I wish I had known or at least recognized. Some of these things I had heard and didn’t believe until I lived through my first year away from home.

  1. Don’t Buy Your Textbooks From the Bookstore – Professors and the university is obligated to tell you to buy your books from the bookstore but, your more than likely to find your books online at either Amazon or Chegg for more than half the price. I would also recommend waiting until maybe after the first week of classes to purchase your books. Professors are required to have a book in the syllabus but many especially freshman year don’t require them and might not need them.
  2. Meet New People, and Join Clubs or Teams – The best and easiest way to meet new people, I wish I had learned this earlier. It took till my sophomore year of college, to realize that there were so many cool kids and clubs available to join. My junior year I was in a photography club, apart from the universities literary magazine editorial staff and in, Financial Management Association and equestrian club. You could also join an intramural or club team and make instant friends while staying active and having fun.
  3. It’s Okay to Eat Alone – My freshman year I was so scared and afraid to eat alone I didn’t eat the first month of school besides the microwave popcorn I had in my room. I had lost over 15 pounds and was extremely malnourished. It took me a while to figure out the meal schedule all my roommates were on so that I didn’t have to be all alone in the cafeteria. Building up your courage comes with time, and knowing campus and feeling comfortable.
  4. Use Your Meal Plan – I was so worried about overspending and not having enough money at the end of the semester that sometimes I would hold back and wouldn’t eat enough at dinner. I was so worried about overspending on the meal plan, that I had over $700+ dollars that didn’t roll over at the end of the semester that I tried to spend the week of finals. Let’s just say I bought basically everyone dinner that week.
  5. You Will Learn A lot About Yourself – I went into college thinking I had decided the person who I was gonna be in high school. I had thought I found myself until I went to college and struggled with living on my own. My freshman year of college is when I discovered that I have anxiety and the toll it has on my daily life. Situations I was able to avoid in high school soon became unavoidable and I was faced with anxiety that really shut me down, which forced me to cop for the first time. I found out different triggers and how to cop. If it’s not anxiety sometimes the first time living away from home for the first time for a period will make you learn new things about yourself you never knew.
  6. You Don’t Need to Dress Up For Class – High school and college are a little different in this way, in high school, I was used to dressing up for class. In college it’s a little different it’s more acceptable to show up in just legging and a pullover or short and a t-shirt. I was not used to this and for the first couple months of school, I had spent the time to dress up and do my hair for class. It’s always been my personal preference to dress up a little, but something I wish I knew was that not everyone dresses up for class and maybe only half my campus does.
  7. Your Time Really Does Go By Fast – I thought I would be in college forever, or at least that’s what it felt like. The high school had gone by not really that fast so I assumed college would go by fairly the same pace. I also didn’t have the best freshman year and each day and week was a struggle. Now I’m looking back going into my senior year and the time has passed by so quickly.
  8. Memories Are Made When You Least Expect Them – Some of my favorite moments so far in college haven’t been the ones that come but the ones that come least expected. Like the time we went to Walmart at midnight and got snacks, or failing a test and coming home and venting with my roommates for hours. Having deep talks with my roommate till 2 in the morning, or ordering Chinese on Sundays and watching Disney movies. One of my favorite freshman memories is getting locked out of our Zipcar in the rain on a Friday, and having to call to get access so we could drive back to campus.
  9. It’s Okay to Miss Your Parents – This was the first time in my life that I was away from my parents for longest periods of time. I previously would spend summers at summer camp but every few weeks I would eventually see them. For me, the first month of school left like a never-ending summer camp. And I soon started missing my parents. It’s okay to miss your parents and call them every once in a while. It was a hard concept for me to know that life at home was still going on without me, but where I was at college was so much better. Just live in the moment and try to enjoy college as best you can.
  10. Nothing is Forever – I used to freak out about that test grade, or the fact that I got a C on one of my classes my freshman year of college. This was the first time in my life that classes were challenging and I need to study for tests. Don’t sweat and worry about the small stuff. Looking back I laugh at the tears I cried over things that don’t really matter now. I am still graduated on time, and I have gotten two internships. Don’t sweat the small stuff and C’s do get degrees.

Happy Thursday, I hope everyone is having a great week and looking forward to an even better weekend. If you have any advice or things you wish you knew don’t be afraid to leave a comment below.


Target Essentials Every College Freshman Needs

I am a total Target and purchased majority of my initial dorm haul my freshman year from Target (freshman dorm). So today, I wanted to share some of my favorite dorm pieces that I have loved over the years and some that I am still going to be taking back to college with me in August. I live in an on-campus apartment (junior year apartment) which is awesome, but it means that I still live with “dorm” furniture and in a twin xl bed, so making space and having storage is key.

Target Haul

Color Changing Fairy Lights with Clips | Mini Refrig | Keurig | 6 Shelf Hanging Closet Organizer | Pom Throw Blanket | Desk Lamp with Organizer | Brita | Decorative Throw Pillow | Hangers | Three Drawer Clear Storage Bin | Wastebasket | Microwave | Bath Towels      

Some of my favorites that have made it going on four years will be my hanging closet organizer it’s great for holding extra shoes, bulky sweaters or sweatshirts or just odds and ends that don’t really have a place, like my hats, belts and thick Hunter boot socks. Along with that, I love the look of unified hangers and they are pretty cheap, 18 hangers for $2.

I also have brought and use every year is the three drawer plastic bins, this is great under the bed storage and really makes my room clean and crisp while still allowing access to items I might not use on a daily basis. I have two of them and one holds my craftier supplies and things I might need, including holiday decorations and bags & tissue paper for birthdays along with like art and school supplies, while my other is my emergency medical and beauty supplies these are great.

I also extremely recommend the Brita and a cute water bottle, if your like me and love to drink water all day long, I didn’t find the school drinking fountain water to be very tasty but I do love the water from the Brita. The extra purification makes it taste great and I can stay hydrated all day long even if the cafeteria or your school’s dining options are closed.

I also am a big fan and component of a soft and cozy environment, including twinkly lights with clips so you can hang Polaroids and memories on along with super cozy throw pillows and blankets. Your going to be living here for the next nine months you’re gonna want to great space you can call home, and love to hang out in. I know I went a little extra my freshman year and have used it every year since. Target has some great pieces that won’t break the bank, but are great for making a comfortable and cozy environment.

If your living with a roommate you can always compromise on what each of you are bringing so that there isn’t two microwaves or no fridge. I know I personally brought the fridge and the Keurig because I am a total coffee addict. It was much easier for me to make a cup of coffee in my room and take it to class then walk to the dining hall, so I always had a stash of creamer in our mini fridge my freshman year.

You can also now save 15% by ordering online today, and picking up near a Target near your University, this would have saved me tons my freshman year along with the struggle of getting everything in the car. If you are going to school far away, this is perfect for those who have to fly to school or have a long tip with way to many items. I believe this also applied to items like laundry detergent and maybe a few yummy snacks.

Hope everyone has a great weekend,


Essentials for My First Internship

I have landed my first internship with a corporate company  this summer, that I am more than thrilled to work for. With this new job I went on a trip to the store to purchase some new clothes and new staple items. So today I wanted to share with everyone my pick for stable items for your first internship that’s on the more business casual/professional aspect. Summer is time for internships and working long hours in the office like I stated in my June mood board, new jobs and new internships obviously require new clothes and a trip to J. Crew is always in order when new jobs are involved.

This past weekend I hit up the local outlet mall and found some of the best deals, a lot of them linked below to some amazing outfits that I can style and interchange for my internship. As you can tell I love the classic navy, blue, white and gray with a couple pops of color every once and awhile. My favorite piece is this peplum white tank that has bows on the back it looks great the with navy or green plants and even looks good with my blazer over top. This makes getting dressed for work so much fun when you have so many cute things to choose from.

Internship Staples

Kate Spade Tote | Statement Necklace | Brown Leather Kate Spade Watch |Chambray Dress | Striped Lace Up Dress | White Oxford Button Up | Schoolboy Blazer | Striped Ruffle Tee | Bow-Back Peplum Top | Winnie Pants | Colored Khasis | Leather Ballet Flats  

Hope everyone is having a great start to the week, and a great last week of June! Does anyone have any awesome fourth of July weekend plans coming up? If you have any posts you want to see or have any questions, feel free to leave a comment down below.